Best Lego City: Great Vehicles Sets & Figures

Established 65 years ago, the Lego brand is still today considered one of the most successful and popular. The Lego global empire now consists of much more than sets of interlocking bricks, as it now includes movies, games, theme parks, competitions and much more. More than 560 Lego pieces had been manufactured by 2013, and the company continues to grow.

Lego has developed ranges for all ages and now works in partnership with a number of other big brands to create some exciting sets, including Star Wars and Marvel Super Heroes.

One of the most popular themes is Lego City. As suggested by the name, the design of Lego City is based around the idea of city life, such as transport, construction and emergency services. The Lego City theme began in 1969 with Legoland sets, including a number of promotional pieces. The range consisted of city-related Lego designs, from police headquarters to a Tea Garden Cafe, complete with a baker’s van. Since this time, a large range of different sub-themes has been introduced to the Lego City theme, including Rescue, Racers, Flight and Airport.

The Lego City: Great Vehicles sub-theme was launched in 2012 and has proved incredibly popular. The theme features a range of exciting sets and mini figures which are designed to complement many other sets in alternative Lego City sub-themes. The vehicles are particularly popular as they incorporate a modern element, reflecting many of the larger vehicles seen on the roads today. Loved by children and adults alike, new designs added to the Lego City Great Vehicles range are all eagerly awaited.

Must-Have Lego City Great Vehicles Sets & Figures

Lego City Great Vehicles: Race Car (60053)


Children love to race and winning prizes is even better! Now they can do both with the LEGO City Great Vehicles Race Car

Build your race car and compete to see who will win the giant trophy. The kit includes everything you need to make this superb racing car, complete with all-new racing wheels and adjustable spoiler. The driver comes with his own racing helmet, so simply strap him in, adjust the spoiler for minimum drag and you’re off! Do you have what it takes to negotiate the twists and turns at speed and win the race, and the trophy? Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: Light Repair Truck (60054)


When a traffic light breaks down in Lego City, it can cause chaos for the inhabitants. You can send for the Lego City Light Repair Truck to get the traffic running smoothly again.

The Lego City Light Repair Truck has a handy lifting crane so that the repairman can reach the traffic lights and street lights. The repairman mini-figure comes complete with a helmet and two traffic cones to cordon off the traffic while he makes his repairs. He carries his own hammer and wrench, and even has a spare light bulb so he can get the traffic moving again in next to no time. Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: Monster Truck (60055)


Big kids and small kids alike will have hours of fun with the amazing Lego City Monster Truck. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your very own crowd-pleasing stunt vehicle.

The Lego City Monster Truck comes complete with a stunt driver and a wrench for making those important last-minute alterations before the show. Strap the driver into his seat and get ready to impress the crowds with some amazing Monster Truck stunts. The huge tyres and impressive engine make this stunt motor more than capable of powering its way over just about any obstacles in its path. Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: Tow Truck (60056)


Whichever LEGO City vehicles you own, if they break down, you will need the LEGO City Great Vehicles Tow Truck. The crane arm and winch are both fully functional, allowing you to lower the arm and then take hold of whichever vehicle is broken down and secure it to execute a rescue operation.

A driver mini figure is included with the tow truck, and he has all the equipment he needs to do the job, including a coffee cup for that all important tea break. He also comes with his own broom to sweep up any debris caused by the breakdown. Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: Camper Van (60057)


Set off for exciting adventures in the great outdoors with the Lego City Camper Van. There is no better way to explore the countryside than by taking to the water, so when you set up your camp site by the river, you can unhitch your canoe from the roof and enjoy the scenery. After your exhausting day paddling, the spacious Lego Camper Van will provide your mini-figures with a luxurious area to get a good night’s sleep.

Adventurous mini-figures and accessories such as a canoe, paddles, life jackets, a roof cabin and coffee cups are supplied along with the camper van. Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: SUV with Watercraft (60058)


Like any good SUV, the Lego City SUV comes with its own watercraft. So head on down to the beach, fill your watercraft up with fuel then carefully reverse the SUV trailer into the water and launch your watercraft. Then just sit back and get ready for the waves.

As well as your SUV and watercraft, this model comes with two lego mini figures in their watercraft racing gear. The additional accessories will equip your mini figures with everything they need for their adventures, including life jackets, a petrol drum with a pump and a can of petrol. Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: Auto Transporter (60060)


Lego sets are fantastic for inspiring children’s creativity, and the Lego City Auto Transporter guarantees hours of fun. Suitable for ages five and upwards, this playset has everything you need to deliver and transport cars. Detach the trailer and lower the ramp to unload the vehicles before handing them over to the dealer. The transporter even has opening doors for extra authenticity.

Not only does this playset have plenty of moving parts, but it also comes with some great accessories. Included are two mini play figurines, a car dealer and a driver complete with briefcase and clipboard. It also features two shiny new cars for added fun. Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: Airport Fire Truck (60061)


The amazing Airport Fire Truck is more than a match for any fire! Part of the Great Vehicles range from Lego, the 60061 Airport Fire Truck has a number of great features which will keep children of all ages entertained for hours.

The fire truck is fitted with a rotating, top-mounted water cannon, a side-mounted fire hose and rear engine hatches which open. Two firefighter mini-figures are included, ready to tackle the burning jet engine. Other realistic accessories are also included with the Airport Fire Truck, such as a fire axe, an angle grinder and breathing apparatus. Compare Prices >>

Lego City Great Vehicles: Grand Prix Truck (60025)


Be ready for the big LEGO City road race with this superb Grand Prix Truck. With a super-fast Formula race car inside the truck waiting to be unleashed, you are sure to be favourite to win!

The Grand Prix Truck comes complete with a driver and two mini-figures which make up the pit crew. The extensive list of accessories includes racing spoilers and removable wheels on the race car, mechanic’s tools, a toolbox, pit signs, walkie-talkies and a spare wheel. The truck measures nine inches in length and has room to fit the four-inch-long race car inside. Compare Prices >>