The best Mother’s Day cards

Mother’s Day is a celebration of mothers and motherhood and is celebrated in many different ways across the world, but here in the UK we mark the occasion on the last Sunday of March – this year Mothers Day falls on 29th March.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Traditionally, Mothers Day is celebrated in the UK because it falls on the fourth Sunday of lent, which is when young women were granted leave from their work/master and would often visit their Mother in church on this day.

More recently we celebrate Mother’s Day with the giving of flowers and chocolate – but the present that says the most is the card you choose.

It could feature a Mother’s Day poem or quote, or it could be a funny card, take a look at our top Mother’s Day cards below:


First my Mother’s Day Card, £2.95,

Personalised Moonpig card, from £1.50, Moonpig

‘Have a relaxing Mother’s Day’ card, £2.50,

We know I’m the favourite Mother’s Day card, £2.50, Paperchase

Classic butterfly Mother’s Day card, £2.75, Marks and Spencer

Queen Bee Mother’s Day card, £2.25, Papchase

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