The best PS4 games to buy in October 2014?


The PlayStation 4 is widely regarded as the best of the current generation of consoles, and the list of titles available for it certainly backs up that claim. The console is home to a huge range of titles, including formerly PC-exclusive strategies and RPGs as well as great shooters, driving games, adventures, rhythm games, sports sims and management games, puzzle titles and more casual, family-friendly games.

Whether you are looking for some multi-player fun or a single-player adventure that you can enjoy at your own pace, there is no shortage of games for you to enjoy, and there are new titles being released every week. You can even share the fun you are having thanks to the PlayStation 4’s built-in streaming video support. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest games can be quite costly, but if you use a price-comparison tool then you can find some bargains on both new releases and classic titles. Console gamers have never had so much choice available to them at such reasonable prices.

Many of the best titles from the end of the last generation of games have been revamped and re-released for the PlayStation 4. The wealth of HD editions, game of the year packs with free expansions and additional content, as well as redux editions, means that every gamer has a huge range of options to choose from. This list includes some of the best and hottest titles for Sony’s console, including new releases as well as old favourites.

Top 20 PS4 Games – Week Ending 18th October 2014

1. The Evil Within (PS4)


The long-awaited The Evil Within has finally arrived on PS4, and brings with it one of the purest and most terrifying survival horror experiences ever created. Created by Shinji Mikami, famous for the sheer terror of the Resident Evil series, it puts you in the shoes of a detective who facing a heart-thumping struggle to survive.

You play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective investigating grisly mass murders. You witness the murder of your partners, are knocked unconscious and wake up in a strange and frightening world filled with the dead and hideous monsters that defy description. The whole world will warp, twist and reshape itself around you as you play. The very landscape will ensnare you, and you can never be sure whether a route will still be the way you remember it. With only limited and basic resources, you must face hideous creatures, haunting sites and lethal traps in your quest to get out alive. Compare Prices >>

2. FIFA 15 (PS4)


The wonderful world of football can take fans on a turbulent ride, as they experience the whole gamut of human emotions, from the heady heights of challenging for a Premiership title to the depressing lows of a relegation dogfight. Reproducing such emotional experiences in a video game is a big ask, but FIFA 15 for PS4, the latest Electronic Arts (EA) contribution to the sphere, seems likely to continue their domination.

A great aspect of FIFA 15 is its in-depth “study” of all 20 Premiership grounds. The least important stand detail is reproduced as faithfully as the most important. Seemingly inconsequential details, such as way fans occupy the correct areas of the ground singing about their own team, add a degree of realism that competitors cannot hope to emulate. Compare Prices >>

3. Driveclub (PS4)


Driveclub is all about offering the ultimate communal driving experience on PlayStation 4, rewarding groups of players who get together to take on the realistic auto racing simulator that it offers rather than going it alone. With next-gen visuals and solid underlying mechanics, this is a great addition to any PS4 owner’s library.

The underlying currency of Driveclub is simply known as ‘fame’. And to earn it you will need to join forces with up to six other competitors to take on a variety of road-racing challenges that will be challenging and entertaining in equal measure. Compare Prices >>


4Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

MiddleEarthShadowOfModor-ps4Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor for PS4 sees participants assume the persona of Talion, killed after witnessing his wife and daughter murdered before his very eyes on Sauron’s return to Mordor. Resurrected and endowed with Wraith-like capabilities, the ranger sets forth into Mordor seeking vengeance.

From the outset, death is a frequent hazard in the game. However, with a little time and experience, it becomes a little less frustrating. Indeed, have gained some upgrades and combat moves, the temptation to abandon the game mission and go looking for a fight is almost too strong to resist. Compare Prices >>

5. Minecraft (PS4)


Minecraft for PS4 is a first-person action game where the only limit is your imagination. The premise is simple — you need to survive. To do so, you must spend the day gathering resources, whilst at night you must go indoors to build tunnels, mine and face being chased by monsters. Minecraft is tense, exciting and a great creative outlet for everyone over the age of 10.

Minecraft offers players so many possibilities, and it’s possibly the most versatile game of this generation. It’s a game for passionate next-generation console creatives. In Minecraft if you can dream it, you can probably build it, and even learning to fly is a possibility. Compare Prices >>

6. Alien: Isolation (PS4)


The long awaited Alien: Isolation has arrived, bringing the intense world of Ridley Scott’s classic space epic to the PS4. Face a deadly and near-unstoppable xenomorph in this survival horror fright-fest.

Playing as the daughter of the film heroine Ellen Ripley, you are investigating the space station Sevastopol between the events of the first and second films. But the station is being terrorised by a deadly alien. This is a survival horror with the emphasis on survival. You can’t kill the alien, you can only stay hidden and hope you survive the experience. Hide behind objects and under tables, or simply run away and hope you lose your pursuer. But beware; it will always turn up again sooner or later. You can try and predict where it is with your torch and motion detector, but the noise and light may mean that the alien finds out where you are too. Compare Prices >>

7. Destiny (PS4)


Destiny brings an incredible and innovative game experience to the PS4. Explore an immersive dystopian environment, stunningly rendered with the PS4’s advanced graphical capabilities, in an effort to restore the fallen Earth, and uncover the secrets of the unique and engaging storyline.

The detailed dystopian plot is certain to pull you into the world of Destiny. Long ago, the Traveller arrived and made other worlds in our solar system habitable. Humanity spread out from the Earth and built an empire amongst the stars – a golden age for our species. But the Traveller’s ancient enemy found it, and laid waste to all we had built. Back on Earth, the Traveller made its final stand against the enemy and cast a protective veil over part of the planet. There, the fallen race of Humankind built their last city. You live in this city, and as a guardian you are sworn to protect it. Compare Prices >>

8. NBA 2K15 (PS4)


NBA 2K15 is the newest incarnation of the best-selling NBA series, and brings the most realistic basketball experience yet to the PS4. It builds on the experience of NBA 2K14 with both technical and gameplay improvements, and the result makes you almost feel the court surface under your feet.

NBA 2K15 is an exceptionally vivid and realistic basketball experience of the kind that no console has seen before. Detailed gameplay mechanics allow you to really tackle the court with your own unique playing style, while advance AI makes sure that computer-controlled players are useful allies or genuinely challenging opponents. You can even experience your own NBA career, complete with ups and downs, in the MyCAREER story mode. Exceptionally lifelike graphics and an extensive library of realistic animations help to bring this all to your screen in the most immersive way possible. Compare Prices >>

9. The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)


The Last Of Us was the final masterpiece to grace the PlayStation 3 at the end of its life cycle, and now The Last Of Us: Remastered is here for the Playstation 4. It has great new graphics and gameplay features, giving existing fans and newcomers the chance to experience a dramatic, post-apocalyptic adventure like no other.

The visual overhaul made possible thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4 means that it is not only better looking in terms of its textures and effects, but also runs at 60 frames per second for smooth gameplay and supports true 1080p resolutions for crisp, beautiful visuals that bring the bleak world of the game to life. Compare Prices >>

10. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4)


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for PS4 is one of Square Enix’s re-mastered games. It’s an action-packed open-world game that’s filled with tension and suspense. The location is Hong Kong, and the protagonist is an undercover cop who cannot be caught. You must take on the Triads from the inside and immerse yourself in their culture whilst trying to remain loyal to the badge.

The gripping story that plays out in Sleeping Dogs is only part of the game’s attraction, but it will certainly keep you captivated. It tells the rather mature and gritty tale of an undercover cop by the name of Wei Shen who penetrates the volatile and extremely tense Hong Kong underworld inhabited by the fearsome Triads. Every action risks blowing your cover, and death and dishonour are always just a step away. Compare Prices >>

11. Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)


First Person Shooting (FPS) goes back to its roots with the series that defined the genre. Wolfenstein: The New Order brings the series’ classic gameplay up to date with the advanced technology of the PS4. Now a whole new generation can experience the intense action and expert design that started it all.

In an alternative timeline, American war hero B. J. Blazkowicz awakes from a 14-year coma to find there is no trace left of the world he knew. It is now the 1960s, and the Nazis have used mysterious futuristic technology to emerge victorious from the Second World War and bring the whole planet under their rule. Only Blazkowicz, horrified by what has happened to the world, dares to stand against them. You play as Blazkowicz on a mission to rewrite history and bring down the Thousand-Year Reich. Compare Prices >>

12. Watch Dogs (PS4)


Watch Dogs offers a refreshing take on open-world adventure games. While it does feature the traditional driving and combat elements that lovers of Saints Row and the GTA series have come to appreciate, the computer-hacking elements add a new twist to the game.

Players can use their skills to connect to ctOS, a super computer that gives them access to personal information about other characters in the world, and also lets them control security cameras and even the Chicago traffic-light system. Use your abilities to find targets, cause traffic chaos, spy on people, steal money or help people who may be about to be a victim of a crime. The open-world nature of the title means that the players are free to make their own ethical decisions. Compare Prices >>

13. inFAMOUS: First Light (PS4)


inFamous: First Light is the spin-off pseudo-sequel to the PlayStaton 4 hit inFamous: Second Son, letting you jump into the shoes of new protagonist Abigail “Fetch” Walker as you take on an entirely new adventure. Expect beautiful graphics, fluid open-world gameplay and more than a few surprises along the way. This is more than just a half-hearted DLC pack; it is a game that is worth playing in its own right.

Like the other games in the inFamous franchise, First Light puts you in control of an exceptional individual who happens to have been endowed with some rather surprising powers. While the action is still centred around the city of Seattle, the cool new capabilities and the neon-soaked effects that they invoke really help it to stand out from the PS3 originals and the PS4 launch title. Compare Prices >>

14. inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)


inFAMOUS: Second Son is exclusive to Playstation 4, bringing you superhero action in a gritty realistic setting.

inFAMOUS: Second Son takes a unique and immersive approach to the action-adventure genre. It is set in an open world setting where superhumans exist but are feared by society. The Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.) hunt them down and put them in cages. You play as a superhuman who has just discovered his powers and uses them to fight back against oppression. Develop your superhuman abilities to liberate yourself and your fellow superhumans. Compare Prices >>

15. Rayman: Legends (PS4)


Rayman has been one of video gaming’s most enduring characters. And avoiding affiliation to a particular console manufacturer has allowed this limbless hero to survive and thrive over the years, offering tons of fun to several generations of gamers. In Rayman: Legends for the PS4, his adventures finally come to Sony’s latest machine, with single and multiplayer fun to be had by all.

While some entries in the Rayman series have dabbled with the third dimension, Rayman: Legends keeps things deceptively simple by sticking to a 2D plane of play. But this platformer does not feel archaic thanks to the gorgeous art style, fluid frame rate and fantastic gameplay. Compare Prices >>

16. Skylanders: Trap Team – Starter Pack (PS4)


The Skylanders: Trap Team Starter Pack for PS4 is the latest addition to the Skylanders universe. Meet new Skylanders heroes and villains, enjoy new trap-based game play and take on new challenges along the way. Bring your original Skylanders figures along for the ride, or you can try out some of the new figures and marvel at their powers.

This latest addition to the Skylanders universe comes with a brand new portal of power that is capable of reading more figures at a time than the original portal. It also comes with the ability to read traps. Players can use Skylanders from older versions of the game to play through certain sections but will need at least one of each elemental Trap Master to unlock all of the content. Compare Prices >>

17. EA Sports UFC (PS4)


The EA Sports UFC game for PS4 is the latest in a long string of UFC titles. This sophisticated, detailed game features top quality HD graphics that bring the UFC’s octagon and its headline fighters into your living room. Use a combination of striking, wrestling and grappling as you test your skills in the ultimate MMA battle.

This fully licensed title features all of the best UFC fighters from the past and present. Each fighter’s physical appearance and fighting style has been carefully replicated in great detail. Whether you prefer a stand-up fight, some ground and pound, or the slick submissions and transitions of jiu jitsu, EA Sports UFC allows you to play the way that you prefer. With a sophisticated grappling and striking system that includes reversals and counter-striking, EA Sports UFC offers combat like you’ve never seen it before. Compare Prices >>

18. Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4)


Call of Duty: Ghosts is the tenth main game in the COD franchise and it is credited with ushering in new era of gaming powered by a next-gen engine. Developed by Infinity Ward, this first-person shooter delivers a riveting gaming experience with a brand new story, cast and setting adding to its appeal.

COD games are renowned for their lifelike characters and beautifully rendered environments, but Ghosts takes this to the next level and provides some of the most authentic real-world animations seen on screen to-date. The guns featured have also undergone an upgrade and are almost identical to their real life counterparts, adding an extra level of realism to the game. Compare Prices >>

19. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4)


The ridiculously popular historic adventure series Assassin’s Creed on PS4 has taken us from the Third Crusade via fifteenth-century Florence to the colonial United States. In this, the next instalment of the series, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, we hit the high seas as an eighteenth-century pirate charged with unravelling Templar conspiracies.

In this instalment, the developers have created the largest, fullest world ever seen in the Assassin’s Creed series. You can explore 50 unique Caribbean locations whilst establishing yourself as an uncompromising pirate and creating lawless republics as you go. Compare Prices >>

20. Battlefield 4 (PS4)


Battlefield 4 for PS4 is an action blockbuster that offers players a glimpse into the future of interactive gaming. Powered by Frostbite 3, this game aims for unrivalled destruction and allows players to demolish buildings and destroy entire locations that are being used to shield the enemy. Players will lead the assault in an intense and interactive character driven campaign that can bring about gaming glory on a PS4.

Battlefield 4 features ‘Levolution’ which changes the games landscape in real time. Interactive environments react to players every move, ensuring no two games are the same and each match is completely unique. Compare Prices >>