Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC’s

Samsung is world’s biggest consumer electronics brand. It’s known for producing a wide range of devices, from smartphones and watches to TVs and white goods. In recent years it has become a leading light of the tablet computer market, building an ever-expanding range of portable slates that are as affordable as they are powerful.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab family includes a variety of tablets, with a variety of specifications on offer to suit different budgets. The most noticeable difference is screen size, with smaller seven-inch tablets sitting alongside larger siblings with displays that can measure over 10 inches across the diagonal.

Every one of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices runs on the Android operating system, giving you access to the Google Play store, from which you can download apps and games of all sorts. There are over a million to choose from. And with Samsung’s fast, fluid interface on offer, it is simple to browse the web, play media files and even capture still images and video clips using the built-in cameras.

Because Samsung is such a prolific manufacturer of tablets, it is important to compare the models that are available. This will allow you to work out which device represents the best value for money, meeting your needs while still staying within your budget.

Samsung has built a reputation over the years for offering high-quality devices which are attainable and enjoyable to use, backed up by a global network of retailers to ensure that after-sales support is another strength and selling point.

Which are the best Samsung Galaxy Tablets?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ Tablet with 16GB Storage, Wi-Fi (White)


If you are looking for a tablet that has a big screen but is also very light and thin, look no further than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S with its 10.5 inch screen. It comes in a Wi-Fi-only model with 16 GB of internal storage and with features that offer serious competition to the Apple iPad Air.

The Galaxy Tab S has a 7900 mAh battery that is sufficient for nine hours of continuous internet usage over Wi-Fi or for 12 hours when used for video playbacks. The user will be able to watch two full-length films and still have enough spare battery life. Such battery longevity makes this the ideal device for long-haul flights and other long journeys. Compare Prices >>


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4″ Tablet with 16GB Storage, Wi-Fi & 4G LTE (Titanium Bronze)


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S – 8.4 Inch 16GB Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablet in Titanium Bronze is an excellent addition to the Samsung stable of mobile products. This cutting edge tablet is lightweight and retains the familiar Galaxy design and boasts an HD 8.4 inch display with more than 4 million pixels. Ultra-responsive and packed full of processing power, the Samsung Galaxy S 8.4 inch tablet is both stylish and functional.

Despite its large size it weighs only 294g, making it easy to hold one-handed and the button design retains the familiar Galaxy layout, making it even easier to utilise. Built-in cover attachments at the back allow for a Book Cover to be added, protecting the screen and make tilting the tablet into various positions simpler and allowing you to enjoy a comfortable viewing position in any environment. Compare Prices >>

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 12.2″ Tablet with 32GB Storage, Wi-Fi & 4G LTE (Black)


There was a time when people needed a laptop or desktop for work and a tablet for more portability albeit with less functionality. Now thanks to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro – 12.2 Inch 32GB Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablet in sleek black, it’s time to ditch the computer altogether.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro – 12.2 Inch 32GB Wi-Fi & 4G LTE Tablet packs some incredible processing power, enabling it to produce outstanding performance, whether you are using business applications, indulging in some gaming, editing photos or videos or simply watching a movie. Compare Prices >>


Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1″ Tablet with 16GB Storage, Wi-Fi (White)


The performance of a premium-end tablet combined with a budget price can make the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 inch the ideal high-definition tablet device. This tablet is both stylish and slim while being wide enough to allow the user a good grip. It is really an upscale version of the Galaxy Tab S series with some business features and apps.

This is a working tablet aimed at the business market rather than for casual browsers and holiday videos. It continues the traditional Samsung design in foregoing metal frames in favour of a white plastic frame and back. The faux-leather and stitch effect on the back cover provides an easy grip, especially when in landscape mode. Its impressively light weight of 469g and slim body of 243.1mm x 171.4mm x 7.3mm make it easy to carry and use over quite lengthy periods of time. Compare Prices >>

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4″ Tablet with 16GB Storage, Wi-Fi (Black)


There are laptops, there are tablets and then there is the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro – 8.4 Inch 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet in super-sleek, always fashionable black. Designed to leave other tablets in the shade, this is one device that everybody wants to own thanks to a raft of brilliant features.

This tablet can really take on the bigger boys with its incredible quad core processing power. Inside the Galaxy Tab Pro’s sleek and slim exterior lies a powerful and functional 2.3GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, with an astonishing 2GB of RAM.

Specifications might not be your thing, but this translates into powerful performance from your Samsung Galaxy Pro. The tablet provides smooth and seamless performance that enables you to play games, edit images and video and work on business files without problems. Compare Prices >>