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The Lego Friends brand is an exciting new development in the world of Lego, which allows girls to develop their own play world inhabited by characters designed to appeal to youngsters between the ages of five and 12.

In a move away from the traditional Lego figures, the Lego Friends characters are actually mini dolls, with changeable outfits and hair, so that girls can create their own personalised figures and lead them through a variety of play worlds.

Based around five different mini dolls, each having her own look and personality, Lego Friends allows your child to build a collection that includes character’s houses and favourite places within their hometown of Heartlake City.

All girls, from their earliest school years right up to pre-teens will love the Lego Friends characters and thanks to the completely different personalities of the mini dolls, every girl can identify with at least one of the figures. Feisty and outgoing, or shy and retiring, every girl will find her counterpart in at least one of the Lego Friends mini doll figures.

Girls will enjoy creating the perfect home for their mini dolls, along with favourite eating spots, shops and beauty salons. New sets are released each season, with previous themes including beach scenes, horse riding trips and excursions to the beach. In addition to the mini doll figures and buildings, the sets include a wide range of accessories that will enable children to build up a complete mini-world down to the smallest detail.

Lego Friends has also taken this opportunity to develop a range of colours never before seen in any Lego format, offering up a range of gorgeous pastel colours that every little girl will delight in.

Lego Friends Heartlake Pet Salon (41007)


At the Lego Heartlake Pet Salon every pet can enjoy being pampered, as this Lego set comes complete with everything you need to spoil your four-legged friend. Part of the Lego Friends series, Heartlake Pet Salon lets you help Johanna and Emma wash a poodle in the bubble bath, trim its nails and have a clip on the rotating table. You can use the brushes and blow-dryer to finish off the full spa treatment. This customisable pink-roofed pet store comes complete with pet food, pet accessories, grooming tools and decorated bottles, and includes Emma, Johanna and a fluffy white poodle figurine. Compare Prices >>


Lego Friends Heartlake High (41005)


Heartlake High is an exciting set from the Lego Friends series, and it features everything you need to enjoy a day at school. The set contains 487 pieces and includes an entrance with lockers, a basketball hoop and an art and science classroom complete with easels, bottles, biology books, maps, a microscope and blackboard. There’s also a deli and a picnic table for break time. Ms. Stevens, Stephanie and Mathew mini-dolls are included, and you can play out your imaginary school days with a Lego set that comes with all the accessories. At Heartlake High you can take an art class, shoot some hoops or get an A in chemistry! Compare Prices >>


Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall (41058)


Lego Friends Heartlake shopping mall provides everything you need for a full day outing. Featuring a shopping mall complete with revolving door, sports shop, bridal shop food court, fashion catwalk, spa and photo booth, this Lego Friends set even comes complete with a DJ and a convertible car, and the accessories for each store are incredible.

The set includes mini doll figurines of Stephanie, Emma, Sophie and Julian, and Emma’s dog Lady also comes along for the ride. You can re-arrange the stores to create your own layout or build your own mall using the accessories supplied and the 1120 blocks in the set. Compare Prices >>

Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch (41039)


Help Mia take care of her horses and little foal down at the Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch 41039. Start the day in her cosy apartment, before taking Mia downstairs to groom and look after her two horses and the cute foal. Then take Mia out riding with her best friend Liza for hours and hours of imaginative fun.

The Lego Friends Sunshine Ranch comes as a complete fun set, meaning that it is playtime as soon as the box is opened. Mia and Liza are all ready to take care of the two horses, a foal, two rabbits, a hen and a cat. Compare Prices >>


Lego Friends Downtown Bakery (41006)


This fantastic little bakery features an outdoor cake stand, sign and canopy, a kitchen with utensils and an opening oven, an opening cash register and a shop phone. Inside the Downtown Bakery you can arrange the cakes, bread, pretzels, croissants and cookies on the display stands and wait for the customers.

The set includes Mia and Danielle doll figures and 253 pieces in total, so kids can create their perfect bakery, bake cakes, decorate them and display them in the shop in all sorts of imaginative ways. This kit is ideal for adding to other Lego Friends sets as a new and exciting shop for a Lego village. Compare Prices >>

Lego Friends Stephanie’s Beach House (41037)


Stephanie’s Beach House is an exciting beach property set over two storeys. The set comprises terrace, kitchen, lounge, bar, outdoor seating area and jetty. The set features Stephanie and Kate doll figures both dressed in summer tops and shorts, a windsurfer, staircase, sun visor, ice cream, fruit, glasses, cooking pan, swivel chairs, plants, kitchen stools, telescope, sofa bed, TV and radio.

This beautiful house is all ready for summer weekend fun! Enjoy windsurfing, cooking and making drinks in the kitchen, relaxing on the sofa with the TV, listening to the radio, watching stars through the telescope and chilling with ice cream on the terrace. Compare Prices >>

Lego Friends Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)


Create a perfect summer with Mia and her lemonade stand! Drive Mia over to her stand on her green scooter, and open up shop to prepare lemonade and cookies for all her friends. Simply use the fruit squeezer to create delicious lemonade and put out the cookies.

This fun set includes the Mia doll figure, lemonade stand and juice squeezer, chair, cookies, lemonade glasses and pitcher, money and lovely flowers to create an outdoor garden. The scooter comes with a storage box, helmet and turning wheels. This set is great for individual use, or use it with other sets for a wonderful addition to a Lego village. Compare Prices >>

Lego Friends Emma’s Sports Car (41013)


Get set for summer with Emma, her cute cat and her purple sports car! The doll figure has long dark hair and is wearing a blue top and pink skirt, while the car is a good size for Emma and a passenger. It is highly detailed, featuring rubber tires and transparent windshield, and a blue carry-all sits in the back.

Other accessories included in the set are a picnic table and benches, sandwich and banana, city map, road sign, bag and camera. Emma’s cat is white and makes the perfect travelling companion, and this set would also be great when matched up with other Lego products. Compare Prices >>


Lego Friends Olivia’s House (3315)


Olivia’s house is located in the beautiful Heartlake Heights neighbourhood. This fun-packed Lego set features kitchen, Olivia’s bedroom, roof terrace with umbrella, kitchen, living room and garden with swing and barbecue.

Meet Mum (Anna), Dad (Peter) daughter Olivia and cute cat Kitty in this exciting set, which contains 695 pieces in total, including kitchen accessories such as blender, salt and pepper shakers, frying pan, bowls and food, furniture for the living room, bedroom and kitchen, and garden items including flowers, butterflies and BBQ! Enjoy sleep overs in Olivia’s bedroom, cooking in the kitchen, watching TV in the lounge, parties in the garden and sunbathing on the terrace. Compare Prices >>

Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp (3185)


This fun Lego game introduces four doll figures: Emma, Stephanie, their friend Ella and Instructor Theresa. There is a mini-bus to take the girls to riding camp, where they will find a whole host of fun buildings, including the canteen, classroom, two bedrooms, a bathroom and the horse area and paddock, where three colourful horses await — Champion, Foxy and Sunshine.

Other items included are a camera and story book, tasty food, furniture, butterflies, ladybirds and flowers, while the riding accessories include helmets, prize ribbons and horse brushes. Children will love creating horsey stories and adventures with the fun characters and locations in this highly detailed riding camp. Compare Prices >>
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