Best Sony Headphones

Sony is one of the world’s biggest and best-known consumer electronics brands, achieving an impeccable reputation over the years for creating products that occupy the upper echelons of the market in terms of quality and performance. So if you invest in a pair of Sony headphones, you will be the envy of others because this is still a brand that rivals attempt to copy without coming close to matching it.

Sony’s traditional over-ear headphones come in a variety of designs and styles, targeting different users with specialised features. There are models which offer noise-cancelling capabilities to keep the outside world at bay if you are listening in public. There are even headphones that are built with extra bass features to bring out a big, bold sound that you might think was hard to achieve with this type of gadget.

The Sony headphones range also encompasses wireless models which can be connected to your smartphone, laptop or home entertainment system via Bluetooth, freeing you up to move around easily without being limited by a cable of any kind. It has also started to build stylish headphones that are intended to act as a fashion statement as well as enabling you to enjoy a rich audio experience when you are on the move.

Quality, comfort and the kind of branding that still has an impact all help to define Sony headphones as an excellent addition to any connection, whether you are looking for a basic set or high-end models offering next-generation surround sound.

Best Headphones from Sony’s Range

Sony MDR-ZX100 Headphones (Black)


The Sony MDR-ZX100 headphones are all about delivering dynamic, rich sound quality in a package that is portable as well as affordable. Designed with a robust headband and compact cups with comfortable cushioning, they are a suitable accompaniment to a dedicated portable media player, or for your smartphone, tablet or home Hi-Fi system.

A 30mm driver provides excellent playback potential for a range of sources, while the flat cable keeps them from tangling up in your pocket and also improved the overall durability. At 1.2 metres in length the cable is long enough to let you use the headphones as you see fit but short enough to ensure it does not end up dragging on the ground if you pop them on and hit the road. Compare Prices >>

Sony MDR-V55 DJ Headphones (Black/Red)


Sony MDR-V55 DJ Headphones are on-the-ear, DJ-style wired headphones intended for professional DJ or portable use. In terms of design, they’re curved and glossy with, in the case of the black-red version, the 1.2-metre (47.25-inch) cord carrying the red colour around one earcup and matching the foam inside. The flat, one-sided cord is intended to look stylish but also to prevent tangling.

Sony MDR-V55 DJ Headphones weigh in at just 220 grams, or 7.05 ounces, but nevertheless feature a soft, wide, adjustable moulded rubber headband to help them stay in place on your head. For ease of use, the cushioned, on-ear earcups are reversible, so you can swivel the rest of the headphones aside when listening with just one ear. Minimal padding at the apex of the headband makes the headphones much more flexible, so they can easily and safely be folded away for storage. Compare Prices >>

Sony MDR-ZX610AP Noise Isolating Headphones with Smartphone Control (Black/White)


For the ultimate comfort and convenience while on the move, the Sony MDR-ZX610AP headphones offer noise isolating technology to enhance your listening experience on portable devices. They also sport a built-in control unit that lets you manage your media playback on your smartphone without having to pull it out of your pocket. With these headphones you get the best of both worlds, as the wide range and high volume output means that bass notes are round and thumping while higher pitched sounds at the other end of the spectrum come across as crystal clear.

They can output at up to 1000mW, which makes them perfect for both smartphone playback as well as plugging into your home Hi-Fi system. In addition the 40mm neodymium driver really allows these headphones to shine, whatever your music taste or listening requirements. Compare Prices >>

Sony MDR-ZX310W Foldable Headphones (Metallic White)


With a bright white design and a folding mechanism to improve portability, the MDR-ZX310W headphones from Sony are a great choice for listening to music while on the move. They pack 1000mW of power as well, which means you can crank up the volume and immerse yourself in rich audio excellence without paying over the odds for the privilege. And you can throw away those tinny, tiny in-ear headphones that came free with your mobile or media player, because this full headband-style set is both comfortable and classy. Compare Prices >>


Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless Headphones (Black)


If you want to listen to audio entertainment of any kind from your computer, MP3 player, radio, sound system or television in or around your home, without being constrained by a cable, and without disturbing the other occupants, Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless Headphones could be perfect for you.

Finished in stylish black, Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless Headphones weigh in at just 137 grams and feature removable on-ear pads covered in a cloth material, plus a self-adjusting headband, so they’re comfortable to wear in bed, doing the gardening or anywhere else. The wireless transmitter easily plugs into your audio equipment via a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack and has a range of 100 metres or 330 feet, giving you the freedom to roam around. As soon as the transmitter detects an audio single from the device to which it’s connected, it automatically starts sending radio frequency (RF) signals to the headphones. Compare Prices >>

Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic/Remote (Black)


These Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth wireless headphones with Mic-Remote allow you to cut the cord while you listen to clear chords with excellent Bluetooth wireless streaming. The headphones feature wide frequency drivers of 40mm and an excellent Beat Response Control feature for particularly strong bass. The ear pads are designed for supreme comfort and with a whopping 17 hours of battery life you can listen to your heart’s content.

The Sony MDR-10RBT Bluetooth wireless headphones have built-in AAC and also apt-X codec support to ensure that you never miss a single note when you are streaming your favourite sounds in the sharpest audio. Needless to say, the headphones work seamlessly from your smartphone, tablet, digital music player or computer. Compare Prices >>

Sony MDR-RF855 Wireless Headphones (Black)


Sony MDR-RF855 wireless headphones are high quality, stylish and comfortable headphones from one of the leaders in audio equipment. These closed and wireless earphones offer a range of up to 100 metres, allowing you to move freely. Now you can enjoy your favourite music or listen to other audio while working, moving from room to room or even dancing.

The Sony MDR-RF855 wireless headphones also come with rechargeable batteries offering extensive use of up to 18 hours use between charges. When you do need to recharge, simply place the headphones into the stylish charging dock that is included with your headphones. This gives simple and rapid recharging time of seven hours for a full charge, with no fuss and no need to think about replacement batteries. The 40mm neodymium driver gives great clarity to both audio and bass. Compare Prices >>

Sony MDR-1R Prestige Headphones (Brown/Silver)


The Sony MDR-1R Prestige Headphones in Brown and Silver offer the perfect combination of great sound quality and comfortable design. These headphones are light yet sturdy and well-built and are perfect for long periods of wear. The enfolding earcups sit snugly, and the headband is soft enough not to put undue pressure on your skull but will remain in place even when you are moving about.

The earcups boast a three-dimensional flex, allowing them to move as you do, and the two serrated cables are non-tangle for ease of use. Sound quality is crystal-clear, and the enhanced Beat Response Control Design monitors the subs, bass and mid frequencies and creates the perfect balance of audio. Compare Prices >>