The best Xbox One Games to buy in October 2014

The best Xbox One Games to buy in July 2014

Check out our comprehensive xbox one games list which is updated every month with the best-selling titles!. The Xbox One is getting a nice collection of games to choose from, with everything from driving games and shooters to RPGs and strategy titles available for the platform. This handy buying guide will help you find the best Xbox One games to play this summer.

Something for Everyone

The best thing about the Xbox One is that it has games for all tastes, from bite-sized episodic titles that cost a few pounds each to downloadable indie games that are satisfying and challenging both in terms of “pick up and play” fun as well as for more hardcore playing sessions. Then, of course, there are the AAA titles made by the biggest publishers.

The prices for Xbox One titles can vary. Some multi-platform titles are available for as little as £30, but some of the bigger releases are much more expensive, with publishers offering £60 special editions of their most popular titles. These titles offer huge single-player campaigns and the potential for hundreds of hours of entertainment in multiplayer modes.

Revisit Old Favourites

Many of the most popular titles for the Xbox 360 are being re-released in re-mastered form for the Xbox One, and the new editions include DLC and extra content. So if you missed a popular Xbox 360 title, or want to revisit one of your old favourites, then you should look out for Game of The Year editions and re-mastered titles in the new-releases lists. If you enjoy playing video games, then this year will definitely offer you no shortage of fun and entertainment.

Top 10 Xbox One Games – Week Ending 18th October 2014

1. The Evil Within (Xbox One)


The long-awaited The Evil Within has finally arrived on Xbox One, and brings with it one of the purest and most terrifying survival horror experiences ever created. Created by Shinji Mikami, famous for the sheer terror of the Resident Evil series, it puts you in the shoes of a detective who facing a heart-thumping struggle to survive.

The Evil Within makes you face indescribable and unspeakable horrors as you work your way through the game’s tense, gripping narrative. You play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective investigating grisly mass murders. You witness the murder of your partners, are knocked unconscious and wake up in a strange and frightening world filled with the dead and hideous monsters that defy description. The whole world will warp, twist and reshape itself around you as you play. The very landscape will ensnare you, and you can never be sure whether a route will still be the way you remember it. With only limited and basic resources, you must face hideous creatures, haunting sites and lethal traps in your quest to get out alive. Compare Prices >>

2. FIFA 15 (Xbox One)


The wonderful world of football can take fans on a turbulent ride, as they experience the whole gamut of human emotions, from the heady heights of challenging for a Premiership title to the depressing lows of a relegation dogfight. Reproducing such emotional experiences in a video game is a big ask, but FIFA 15 for Xbox One, the latest Electronic Arts (EA) contribution to the sphere, seems likely to continue their domination.

A great aspect of FIFA 15 is its in-depth “study” of all 20 Premiership grounds. The least important stand detail is reproduced as faithfully as the most important. Seemingly inconsequential details, such as way fans occupy the correct areas of the ground singing songs about their own team, add a degree of realism that competitors cannot hope to emulate. Compare Prices >>

3. Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)


Forza Horizon 2 has screeched on to the Xbox One and is already making an impact. It offers one of the most adrenaline-fuelled, action-packed and immersive driving experiences around. Pick one of the finest cars in the world to explore the realistic and wide-open game world the way you want.

The Forza franchise’s graphics engine has established a well-earned reputation through previous instalments as one of the best around. In Forza Horizon 2, the limits of this engine have been pushed to create one of the biggest and most realistic game worlds around. Stunning exotic places are rendered in crisp 1080p with detailed textures and lifelike animation. The worlds are expansive and open for you to explore as you wish. With instant access to online play and multiple modes, you can also easily connect with locations across the real world. Compare Prices >>

4. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One)


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor for Xbox One sees participants assume the persona of Talion, killed after witnessing his wife and daughter murdered before his very eyes on Sauron’s return to Mordor. Resurrected and endowed with Wraith-like capabilities, the ranger sets forth into Mordor seeking vengeance.

From the outset, death is a frequent hazard in the game. However, with a little time and experience, it becomes a little less frustrating. Indeed, have gained some upgrades and combat moves, the temptation to abandon the game mission and go looking for a fight is almost too strong to resist. Compare Prices >>

5. Alien: Isolation (Xbox One)


The long awaited Alien: Isolation has arrived, bringing the intense world of Ridley Scott’s classic space epic to the Xbox One. Face a deadly and near-unstoppable xenomorph in this survival horror fright-fest.

Playing as the daughter of the film heroine Ellen Ripley, you are investigating the space station Sevastopol between the events of the first and second films. But the station is being terrorised by a deadly alien. This is a survival horror with the emphasis on survival. You can’t kill the alien, you can only stay hidden and hope you survive the experience. Hide behind objects and under tables, or simply run away and hope you lose your pursuer. But beware; it will always turn up again sooner or later. You can try and predict where it is with your torch and motion detector, but the noise and light may mean that the alien finds out where you are too. Compare Prices >>

6. Destiny (Xbox One)


Destiny brings an incredible and innovative game experience to the Xbox One. Explore an immersive dystopian environment, stunningly rendered with the Xbox One’s advanced graphical capabilities, in an effort to restore the fallen Earth, and uncover the secrets of the unique and engaging storyline.

The detailed dystopian plot is certain to pull you into the world of Destiny. Long ago, the Traveller arrived and made other worlds in our solar system habitable. Humanity spread out from the Earth and built an empire amongst the stars – a golden age for our species. But the Traveller’s ancient enemy found it, and laid waste to all we had built. Back on Earth, the Traveller made its final stand against the enemy and cast a protective veil over part of the planet. There, the fallen race of Humankind built their last city. You live in this city, and as a guardian you are sworn to protect it. Compare Prices >>

7. NBA 2K15 (Xbox One)


NBA 2K15 is the newest incarnation of the best-selling NBA series, and brings the most realistic basketball experience yet to the Xbox One. It builds on the experience of NBA 2K14 with both technical and gameplay improvements, and the result makes you almost feel the court surface under your feet.

NBA 2K15 is an exceptionally vivid and realistic basketball experience of the kind that no console has seen before. Detailed gameplay mechanics allow you to really tackle the court with your own unique playing style, while advance AI makes sure that computer-controlled players are useful allies or genuinely challenging opponents. You can even experience your own NBA career, complete with ups and downs, in the MyCAREER story mode. Exceptionally lifelike graphics and an extensive library of realistic animations help to bring this all to your screen in the most immersive way possible. Compare Prices >>

8. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Xbox One)


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for Xbox One is one of Square Enix’s re-mastered games. It’s an action-packed open-world game that’s filled with tension and suspense. The location is Hong Kong, and the protagonist is an undercover cop who cannot be caught. You must take on the Triads from the inside and immerse yourself in their culture whilst trying to remain loyal to the badge.

The gripping story that plays out in Sleeping Dogs is only part of the game’s attraction, but it will certainly keep you captivated. It tells the rather mature and gritty tale of an undercover cop by the name of Wei Shen who penetrates the volatile and extremely tense Hong Kong underworld inhabited by the fearsome Triads. Every action risks blowing your cover, and death and dishonour are always just a step away. Compare Prices >>

9. Titanfall (Xbox One)


Titanfall is an award winning first person shooter game developed by the team behind the Call of Duty franchise. In Titanfall, players are free-running footsoldier pilots who command their mech-style Titans to fight or complete team based objectives in war-torn outer space colonies. Having picked up over 60 awards at its 2013 E3 reveal, including a record breaking six E3 critic’s awards, this title has been hotly anticipated since it was first mooted to the gaming populace.

With the option to have up to fifty players simultaneously battling it out at any one time, the online multiplayer capability is immense! Microsoft offload any non-player activity to its cloud computing service to optimise local graphics performance for the player. Titanfall includes 15 multiplayer maps and five multiplayer modes on release, with more maps and modes mooted for future downloadable content packages (DLC). Compare Prices >>

10. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One)


Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One is the tenth main game in the COD franchise and it is credited with ushering in new era of gaming powered by a next-gen engine. Developed by Infinity Ward, this first-person shooter delivers a riveting gaming experience with a brand new story, cast and setting adding to its appeal.

COD games are renowned for their lifelike characters and beautifully rendered environments, but Ghosts takes this to the next level and provides some of the most authentic real-world animations seen on screen to-date. The guns featured have also undergone an upgrade and are almost identical to their real life counterparts, adding an extra level of realism to the game. Compare Prices >>