Blaze a Trail to One of the Future Tourism Hotspots

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has announced some unusual destinations in the world which are likely to see a big upturn in tourist revenue over the next decade. Book your tickets to one of the following hotspots today if you want to get ahead of the crowd.

Angola | The WTTC reckons that this previously war-torn country is likely see annual growth of around 7.3 per cent, making it one of the world’s top destinations when it comes to a likely rise in tourist numbers and spending. The country’s civil war ended more than ten years ago, and the national parks are now being restocked – albeit slowly – with wildlife, courtesy of neighbouring states. It’s not likely to take over the likes of Kenya any time soon for people seeking a safari adventure, but it is certainly heading on the right road at last. Find out more about Angola by reading Daniel Metcalf’s Blue Dahlia, Black Gold: A Journey into Angola.

Gabon | Tourism has long been restricted in Gabon because of poor infrastructure, but improvements are on the cards and the WTTC is predicting a 7.3 per cent annual growth in tourism revenue from visitors keen to take advantage of great whale-watching, safari and fishing opportunities. Right now, many people will not even have heard of this West African area, officially called the Gabonese Republic, but that looks set to change over the next decade or so. Do your research before heading off by investing in the Gabon Bradt Travel Guide, available to pre-order now.


Mongolia | Since Mongolia’s Democratic Revolution in 1990, the country’s government has ploughed money into the tourist industry and business people have even been offered tax exemption if they are building hotels. The WTTC says the former communist state is likely to see 6.3 per cent annual growth, as visitors flock to take advantage of its spectacular scenery and learn more about its people’s culture and nomadic lifestyles. Learn more before you book your travel tickets thanks to the Lonely Planet Mongolia travel guide.

Lebanon | Lebanon may be better known for the violence of its civil war rather than its pristine beaches and amazing architectural sites, but much of the war damage has now been repaired and it is starting to move towards its previous reputation as being a Switzerland of the east. Growth of 6.2 per cent is on the cards, according to the WTTC.

Uzbekistan | Another place looking at a growth figure of 6.2 per cent is Uzbekistan, which has been trying to adapt itself to become a popular tourist destination since becoming independent from the Soviet Union in 1991. Today it is popular with fans of archaeology and architecture, along with rock climbers and mountaineers. Find out more about what Uzbekistan has to offer the tourist in the Bradt Travel Guide focusing on the country.

Bangladesh | Despite the fact that Bangladesh suffers serious flooding almost every year, tourist numbers are growing, and this is expected to continue at a rate of around 6.1 per cent each year, based on the revenue achieved. The country is renowned for its plethora of wildlife in the Sundarbuns, which is the biggest mangrove forest in the world.

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