Booking some winter sun through Give as you Live

After my last blog post about the top five places to travel in your lifetime, Tee- the Senior Editor of digital magazine, Costa Rica Close Up, got in touch to say that I had forgotten Costa Rica.

I’ve decided to take her up on this and see about a trip in February. February always feels like the month where winter will never end. So this year, my husband Tom and I are trying to plan a trip to the sun and warmth and Costa Rica seems as good a place as any. Any tips are welcomed!

Looking at flights, it seems as though British Airways has the best deals, and they will donate 1% of our (not so cheap) tickets to MSF. Perfect.

Having just returned from our honeymoon in Bali, I have a feeling our trip will look something like this:
1) I settle into a good book on the beach
2) Tom kite surfs
3) I read
4) Tom windsurfs
5) I read
6) Tom snorkels
7) I join him for ten minutes, get cold and then go back to reading.

So long as I make a few online trips to Waterstones and Foyles before we go, we’ll be in for a fantastic holiday.