Boots on the Other Foot This Christmas

Boots has long been one of the massive players in the Christmas gift market, and the retail giant is now planning to push even harder to get you — and your Christmas lists — through their automatic doors this year.

The Christmas 2014 marketing message is ‘Because you’re special’, and the gift ideas range has been extended to include new lighting and furniture items. Boots is also rolling out more premium present ranges, including the Jack Wills range featuring its ever-popular Ladies Eau De Parfum, and the own-brand premium Florence Anne range, including a Fragrance Mini Scented Candle Trio Set.


The Christmas campaign will feature a ‘star’ theme, and Boots bosses have vowed to keep changing their product displays in-store and online in response to customer needs. This is largely due to customers feeding back that they disliked the way Christmas gifts were piled around stores last year, making them feel as if they were in a supermarket rather than a high-end store.

This push for the festive season should not really come as much of a surprise, given that last year Boots suffered worse than expected Christmas sales figures. The retailer is hoping to change all that with revamps both online and in-store. Its website now features a ‘gift advisor’ tool to help you choose ideal presents based on details about the intended recipients, and the printed Boots gift guide will now offer more ideas and not just present a product list. The company is also planning its first ever Inspiration Guide in a bid to get more people spending over this year’s festive season.