Brightening up our office with Adele’s 21, bought through Give as you Live

Name: Andrea Boden
Profession: Development and Communications
Location: North West London
Bio: Andrea is the UK Development Officer for Romance Academy – a nationally focused; relationships and sex education charity that equips adults talk to young people about the hot topics. Her favourite food is chicken, rice and peas Jamaican-style and her favourite place is the beach. There was only ever the electric kind in her hometown of Birmingham.

My Give as you Live Experience:
Our office is never quiet. It’s never quiet because I insist on playing music alllll day. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that silence is golden…sometimes…but mostly I just like having something to sing along to. I have quite eclectic taste in music and tend to play anything from Bon Iver to Beyonce (depending on my mood and my colleagues’ preferences.)

A few months ago, Adele’s “21” was the album of choice and I think we pretty much played it to death. However, I know that Ruth, our administrator, still holds a small flame for it so I decided to treat her. Getting the hang of this Give As You Live thing now, I went through the site to and ordered it. Simples.

What’s more, inspired by my spending, Ruth went one better (than my £6.99 purchase) and bought a blender from John Lewis to raise even more money for Romance Academy. Apparently, their customer service is amazing! We applaud you.