British families fork out more than two and a half months’ salary on summer break

London (01 June 2016) – The average British family will spend two and half months’ wages on their summer holiday, according to new research by shopping website with a heart, Give as you Live.

A family of four will spend an average of £1,074.40 per person on an annual break – the equivalent of two and a half months’ pay after tax, based on the average permanent wage of £26,411 in the UK.*


Glasgow £1,922.97

Nottingham £1,395.08

Sheffield £1,375.93

Manchester £1,238.95

Liverpool £1,090.43

Southampton £1,059.09

Oxford £1,121.88

Newcastle £1,036.25

London £1,032.58

Cardiff £1,003.33

Bristol £984.38

Leeds £859.38

Birmingham £843.57

Norwich £812.90

Coventry £790.32

Aberdeen £475

More than a third (35%) said having enough money is the hardest part of booking a summer holiday, while a quarter (26%) thought deciding where to go is the most difficult choice. Women (38%) were more likely to feel having enough money is the hardest part of booking a summer holiday, compared to men (30%).

Across the nation

Among cities in the UK, Glaswegians are the biggest spenders among us, splashing £1,922.97 per person on summer breaks, and reporting 24% of spend more than £5,000 on their summer holiday.

Glasgow holiday-makers were leagues ahead in their spending of second place Belfast (£1606.82) and third place Nottingham (£1395.08).

While many cited having enough money or choosing where to go as a holiday challenge, those in Birmingham (15%) and Nottingham (21%) say getting time off work is the hardest part of booking a summer holiday. Cardiff residents (24%) however, said finding the best deals is the hardest part of booking a summer holiday.

Hey (young) big spender

It seems the idea of being broke at university is a myth, with the young among us reportedly spending the most per person on their summer break.

Those aged 18 to 24-years-old said they spend an average of £1,350.83 on their usual summer holiday, and feel deciding where to go is the hardest part of booking a summer holiday (30%).

However, that figure dropped to £758.66 per person among 25 to 34-year-olds – the lowest in the age groups queried, where 44% said having enough money is the hardest part of booking a summer holiday.

These results come from a survey by Give as you Live of more than 1,000 consumers across the UK, who were asked about their summer holiday plans.

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