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Business of the Month - WorldFirst

Give as you Live has recently launched our brand-new Fundraising Hub, designed to help businesses to raise funds for charity and increasing employee engagement.

We spoke to Shannon Barton, Junior Project Manager at WorldFirst to find out how they are making the most of the Fundraising Hub.

Who are WoldFirst and what do they do?

WorldFirst was born back in 2004 by two innovators in a South London basement armed with ten years of banking experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to provide customers a real alternative to the big banks. Since then, we've grown exponentially and, with a global team around 600 strong, we have become a market-leading, multi-award winning, bank-beating, rapidly growing, fun-loving international payments company.

What Charities are WoldFirst Supporting?

We support a number of charities. Amigos is one of our long-standing charities and, this year, we have also partnered with Princes Trust and BacZac His Legacy.. This year we have also given every member of our UK office £100 to donate to a registered charity of their choice.
How are you supporting these charities?

Across the business staff support the charities in many different ways. At the moment our Facilities team are supporting BacZac His Legacy and they are the first team to be trialling Give as you Live and the Fundraising Hub. Our long-term goal is to eventually roll out the Fundraising Hub to all employees and their families/friends to raise as much as possible for charity.

Why did you choose the Fundraising Hub and what do you hope to achieve?

Through the Give as you Live Fundraising Hub our employees will be able to raise funds for charity in a number of ways. From one location they can make direct donations, set up fundraising pages and raise free funds when they shop online at over 4,000 retailers. As a company we particularly liked the shopping aspect; not only do employees make a lot of personal online purchases but, as a company, we spend a significant amount of money online. By using Give as you Live every purchase we make can raise more funds for our charities!

How will the Fundraising Hub help you engage with employees?

The Fundraising Hub is not only a great way for staff to see what has been raised so far, but will also allow them to get closer to the charity. From one page staff will be able to learn more about the work the charity does, what donations we raise will fund and keep up-to-date through social media feeds. The charity will also benefit from this exposure; BacZac only became a registered charity in November of 2017 so the Fundraising Hub will help to improve visibility and reach those who may not have ever heard of their work.

Click here to visit the WorldFirst Fundraising Hub

Give as you Live is excited to work with WorldFirst and we are looking forward to seeing the funds that can be raised for BacZac. Our mission is to provide a platform for businesses where anyone within the business can easily keep track of internal fundraising, engage employees with the chosen charity and empower employees to get involved with free fundraising initiatives. We strongly believe the better the engagement with employees and the charity, the greater the involvement and, subsequently, the funds raised.

If you think you could benefit from our bespoke Fundraising Hub please click here to learn more and get in touch.

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