Southampton Street Pastors on working with Give as you Live


Charity name: Southampton Street Pastors

Charity representative name: James Musson

How do you promote Give as you Live to your supporters?

We find the weekly marketing resources so helpful for weekly ideas about how we can encourage our supporters to use Give as You Live.

The Christmas bespoke campaign materials were great – they provided us with materials to use on our website, by email and by social media that we could use to highlight how our supporters could maximize their Christmas purchases by supporting us as they shopped!

Do you think other Street Pastors would benefit from fundraising through Give as you Live?

One of the great things about being part of the street pastor movement is that our supporters are so loyal! Give as You Live has given our supporters another way to give to us as they do things that they would already be doing – shopping online. Another benefit is that we are paid every month, and this really helps us as we plan for the future.

“We would recommend every charity makes Give as You Live part of your fundraising strategy. They provide great support and lots of resources to help you get going, and the service itself is easy for supporters to set up and use. So many of our supporters contact us to ask how else they could give – and we have found that spreading the word about Give as You Live has helped us to raise regular monthly funding, through the online shopping that people already do.” – James Musson

If you are from a charity and want to start benefitting from Give as you Live, give the team a call on 0800 883 8450