Case Study – Women’s Trust

Charity Name
Woman’s Trust

Charity Representative Name
Heidi Reidel

Amount raised so far

What does this mean to your charity?
The £250 from ‘Give as you Live’ goes into an essential money-pot we can use for projects where there is an urgent need for funding, whilst we wait for further long-term funding. For example, this can go towards a hardship fund offered to our clients to pay for childcare and travel, ensuring our services remain accessible to all women. This money-pot is also useful in enabling us to support women who live in London boroughs where there is a significant lack of funding for domestic abuse services, such as one-to-one counselling. Having extra money from campaigns such as Give as you Live means we can top up funding in underfunded boroughs, or even offer counselling to a woman who lives in an area where these services are not normally available. Other underfunded services include our self-development workshops, which are one-day workshops where women come together to learn about different aspects of abuse, such as recognising healthy and unhealthy relationships and the effects of domestic abuse on children. As funding for these workshops is often short-term, the money from Give as you Live would help enable us to continue offering these sessions weekly throughout the year. With our services, women are empowered with improved mental health, coping mechanisms and confidence, helping women move on from their past, better support their children and live free from abuse.

One of our clients told us: “In my assessment one of the first things I was told is: this is not your shame, hand it back. And that is what Woman’s Trust taught me to do. Woman’s Trust have given me unconditional support, respect, love and kindness. They have unburdened me of the shame I carried and enabled me to recover my self-worth. Woman’s Trust does not just rebuild us so we can move on with our lives. It does not just rebuild us so we can be survivors. It rebuilds us because we have to be fighters. And our fight is the continuing protection of ourselves and those we are responsible for.”

Funding for domestic abuse services is hard to come by and often restricted by borough and therefore the money from ‘Give as you Live’ is all the more important in helping us to continue providing these much-needed services to all women in London.

What communication channels do you use to promote Give as you Live?
We promote Give as you Live via all of our social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We also send reminders to our staff, trustees and volunteers in email updates and our newsletter.

What Give as you Live resources have you used to promote it to your supporters?
We use the Social Media guide 2017 for guidance on content to post, and we use posters, Twitter post images and tweets, hashtags and Facebook post images and text.

Testimonial about Give as you Live
Give as you Live is a great way to engage your followers in raising funds for the charity, as it is easy for them to do and doesn’t cost them anything! The resources that Give as you Live provide are professional and engaging. Its really helpful to have different images designed for different social media platforms, but still around the same theme.