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How to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day falls on February 17th, and it has grown from humble localised beginnings to a global cause that unites people across the world in their desire to create a kinder society.

It is celebrated by individuals, groups and organisations everywhere, from rotary groups and religious organisations through to community gatherings and families. The day is also marked by the Random Acts of Kindness Organisation, which was created to celebrate the concept of kindness year-round.

Those who participate in the day say that they get the most joy from being a 'giver' to the cause, although receiving an act of kindness is also thoroughly welcome. The day can be marked by people of all ages, abilities, orientations, degrees of physical ability and social background, and it brings together everyone with a desire to make a positive contribution to the world on a single platform of kindness.

So how will you celebrate RAK day this year? The scope is endless. Pay for the coffee of the person in the queue behind you. Donate a big bag of clothes to your local refuge. Volunteer to listen to children read. Send a struggling neighbour a card and some flowers. Or simply leave a greeting and a flower on a park bench for someone to find! The focus isn't on the activity itself, but rather the feeling behind it.

Here are some other ideas to spark inspiration:

  1. Reading Therapy

Treat a friend to a book or leave it as a gift for a stranger on public transport. Amazon is always a great choice for all the latest titles. Find a bestseller at here >>

  1. Something Warm

Why not donate gloves and scarves to a homeless shelter or find a shoebox scheme where you pack essentials to donate to someone in need? eBay is a great place to find bargains to pass on.

  1. Write a Letter of Appreciation

Get a beautiful sheet of paper and a pen and write an old-fashioned letter of thanks or appreciation for someone who has made a difference in your life or who you can see is struggling and needs a little help. They will treasure your words far more than a gift. Find quality writing paper at John Lewis.

  1. Bring Cakes into Work

Recognise and thank your co-workers by bringing in a lovely selection of cakes to brighten their day, or donate the same to the local care home or hospital unit. Marks and Spencer always have a wonderful selection if you don't have time to bake.

  1. Send Flowers

The classic gift of kindness, flowers show that you are thinking of someone and will instantly cheer up a room. Give them anonymously to a neighbour who is ill, send them to someone who is lonely or gift them to an elderly person who is housebound. This beautiful selection would brighten anyone's day - Shop now at Interflora >

  1. Time

Last but not least, give your time. Go and visit someone who would welcome a friendly face and just spend a little time listening to them. Why not put together a small hamper of treats to bring such as loose tea and Danish pastries? Waitrose sells lots of beautiful items that are perfect for the occasion.

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