Charities talk online giving as Tommy’s receives cheque for £2,750

Tommy's received a cheque for £2,750

Tommy’s receives a cheque for £2,750

Last year we heard first-hand what work Tommy’s the baby charity does to help combat the tragedy of stillbirth. We’re now pleased to say they’ve received a cheque for over £2,750, all raised through Give as you Live technology.

Without costing the online shopper a penny extra, Give as you Live helps raise significant sums of money. Below we hear from some more charities to hear what they think of Give as you Live. Find out how they have developed a new recurring stream of regular income, just by making use of their supporter’s existing online habits, all without having to ask for a penny more in direct donations.


“Genius. A minute to register… feel-good factor forever”

Pathfinder dogsGive as you Live is a fantastic way to support charities and Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme is reaping the benefits from this genius of fundraising. If each person changed to shop tonline hrough Give as you Live, charities would benefit greatly and every online purchase would make a huge difference. Shopping through Give as you Live does not cost anything extra – only a minute or two to register for free, to get the feel-good factor of shopping for charity forever.

– Eddie O’Donnell, Director, Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme
Rate per shopper for December – £17.57


“An excellent means of fundraising with very little effort”

B BagginsGive as you Live has provided the B. Baggins Foundation with an excellent means of increasing its fundraising capabilities with very little effort, ultimately improving the charity’s ability to attain its objectives. Please continue to spread the word about Give and you Live and help B. Baggins raise greater funds and awareness for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.

– Sam Booth, Trustee & Treasurer, B. Baggins Foundation
Value per shopper for December – £24.99


“As soon as I click on a store name, I know what percentage will be given to my charity”

Pro Dogs DirectSupporters can be assured that any money they raise for us through Give as You Live will be directly spent on the dogs in our care. Donations mean so much, no matter how small, and we are hoping to really expand our Give as you Live supporter base in 2013. It takes no time at all, and as soon as I click on a store name, I know what percentage donation will be given to my charity. Receiving prompt emails from Give as You Live telling me how much a transaction has raised is brilliant encouragement to do it again next time.

– Jane Bingham, Fundraiser, Pro Dogs Direct Rehoming
Rate per shopper for December – £19.18

Grow your numbers – now spreading the word is easy

Give as you Live has recently launched a new weekly marketing pack which will give you fresh social media content and a weekly email to forward right on to your colleagues and supporters. To request your free weekly pack, please contact us.

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