Charity of the Month – Red Trouser Day

Congratulations to Red Trouser Day our charity of the month this October!

So far we’ve helped Red Trouser Day raise over £42,000.00 just by shopping, ordering, booking and fundraising online via Give as you Live.

About Red Trouser Day:

On Thursday 19th October it’s Red Trouser Day, and the charity wants to help raise money to fund huge advances in the diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer. The founder Paul Finch who was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer wanted to create an annual fun event to raise awareness & funds to support The Royal Marsden Hospital in specific targeted research with an initial focus on:

  • Clinical research for earlier detection e.g. Blood Tests for Polyps.
  • Technological research for improvements e.g. robotic surgery and patient outcomes.
  • Mental wellbeing research for patients & families to ease the stress and anxiety.

How can you help?

  1. Make a one off Donation here >>
  2. Shop online via Give as you Live to raise FREE funds with every purchase
  3. Buy tickets for upcoming events – find out more here >>
  4. Create a fundraising page to raise even more funds

So far they’ve raised over £42,000 but their goal is to hit £100,000 this #RedTrouserDay!

You could help fundraise for this incredible charity, by holding your own event at work or school by wearing some RED TROUSERS, but if you don’t own any…We’ve got you covered Click here for more >>