Cheryl: My Story

Cheryl is a bit like marmite, you’re either a lover or a hater. I myself, have been a fan of her ever since Girls Aloud first started. Yes, I admit I am also a fan of Girls Aloud!

Guess what is one of the top items on my Christmas wishlist… Cheryl: My Story. I love autobiographies, so I thought this one would be a perfect stocking filler for me. If you’re thinking of buying this book as a gift and are not sure whether to go for it or not I’ve pulled together a bunch of reviews that may help you decide:

The Express wrote: The 29-year-old Geordie does not hold back when writing about other significant characters in her life, most notably former husband Ashley Cole and former boss Simon Cowell.

This is the first time she addresses in detail her divorce from Ashley and the events leading up to it, namely his repeated infidelity. What she writes is ugly, raw and heartbreaking: the portrait of a young woman madly in love who is devastated by her husband’s betrayal.
Read the full review here.

A reviewer on wrote of the book: Now I am sure there will be the normal haters out there that don’t give this book a chance and say it is rubbish without picking it up. For those of you rounded enough to have an open mind and for the down right fans. This book is awesome the girl can seriously write.
Read the full review here.

The majority of Amazon customers gave the book 5 stars. One reviewer thought it was honest and brilliantly written: A fantastic read, much more honest than I ever expected it to be, particularly with regards to her marriage troubles which take up a hefty chunk of the book. I also couldn’t believe just how awful her experiences with drugs were during her teen years, I knew she hadn’t had a great start in life but never to this extent. Couldn’t put it down, read the whole thing in 24hrs. A brilliant and honest autobiography, well worth a read.

And here’s what another customer from Amazon thought: Loved it! Funny, happy, sad, and totally engaging from start to finish. It’s also nice to read the actual truth about all those stories instead of all the fabricated nonsense in the tabloids.

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