How Childreach International is raising funds

childreachCharity name: 

Childreach International

Charity representative name:

Sam Mason

Have you encouraged the charities fundraisers to sign up to Give as you Live?

We have about 1000 fundraisers sign up with Childreach International each year on our Challenge Event and Big Build programmes, offering the charity an amazing opportunity to engage so many new faces. Each of those brings a potential 15-30 sponsors and donors into the charity, so one of the biggest goals for the charity was to get as many of those donors involved an raising for Childreach International, bit by bit each month. To do that we’ve allowed each fundraiser to have other people’s GAYL accounts raise money for their own fundraising total. For example if we have Joe Bloggs using GAYL towards his Kilimanjaro fundraising total we’ve also been able to count Joe’s Mum’s, and Joe’s Brother’s accounts, so long as they all use Joe’s unique ID number as part of their username when they sign up. Some of our fundraisers have got whole tribes of friends helping and raising money by shopping online for them, having had great success over the past few months!

Do you think other charities would benefit from getting their fundraisers involved?

Every charity is always looking out for new income streams, and with online shopping and commerce growing year on year this looks to be a very strong area of sustainable regular income. All charities have to realise that month on month an individual shopper might only be raising a quid or two, but then if that is a quid or two from a few hundred or thousand existing supporters then that soon adds up! On top of that there will always be some months where they’ll have a big purchase, such a s flight, holiday or new insurance for example.

What communications did you use to spread the word to the fundraisers?

We love our Facebook and Twitter! Obviously we make good use of the resources dropping into our inbox each Monday, but again using our network of existing fundraisers is perhaps the biggest way that we spread the word about GAYL. They get multiple emails and notices about the platform during their time fundraising with us.

“What a perfect way to accidently give to charity! No need to change any existing habits, to go out of your way, or to cost a penny more yourself, and yet still helping Childreach International grow and achieve more with your donation. Sounds good to me.” Sam Mason

If you are from a similar charity and want to register for Give as you Live for free, please give the team a call on 0800 883 8450