Christmas must-haves: four for now, four to watch

We’re closer to this Christmas than we’ve ever been, so of course it’s time to start thinking about gifts. This time round, we’re looking at electricals. If it seems too early, just remember the stresses of getting those “must-haves” last year… and remember that when you buy in good time online, you can raise money for your charity through Give as you Live.

Four to buy now

Modern Moses: Apple’s New iPad

Moses would have chosen the new iPad

Moses would have found the iPad 3 a lot lighter. Third-generation iPad, from £399.99

The UK is split up into two sets of people: People who don’t have an iPad and want the latest one, and people who do have an iPad and want the latest one. Apple’s uber-cool tablet is the obvious must-have Christmas gift.

  • Read Wikipedia on it, pretend it’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Put the ten commandments on it, imagine you’re a modern Moses
  • Show off to the most possible people because it’s so portable

Raises £3 for your cause from Currys

Swap Brontë for Blu-Rays: Kindle e-reader

Don’t look so sad, Mr Rochester. There will always be a place for you on my shelf. Amazon’s e-book reader, from £89

If you like reading, the Kindle has it all. You can store hundreds of books on one lightweight platform. Never lose your page again. Download a bunch of classics for free. Or read the complete Dickens for less than the price of a bag of chips. Plus, “buy without having to look anyone in the eye” for literature (*cough*) like 50 Shades of Grey.

  • The perfect excuse not to lend anyone your books
  • Free up your bookshelves and swap Brontë for Blu-Rays
  • Look smug on holiday

Raises £3.11 for your cause from Amazon

Apples and oranges: Google Nexus 7 tablet

Apples and Oranges, Author: Michael Johnson,

You shouldn’t need to make the comparison. Google’s tablet computer, £199.99

At half the price of Apple’s offering, Google’s Nexus is the perfect gift for anyone seeking a tablet this Christmas without wanting to stretch their credit card. Most people seem to recommend going for the 16GB version: the extra memory makes a difference.

  • You can still show off
  • Buy an Apple sticker for the back and everyone will be fooled anyway
  • A fantastic device in its own right

Raises £1.50 for your cause from Currys

Janeway loves it: Dyson DC34

The best handheld vac in the known universe. Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner, £199.99

Yes, it’s a vacuum. But it’s not just any vacuum. It’s the most powerful handheld vacuum on the planet. Be warned: the next time you clean up those cookie crumbs on the rug, you’ll be running the risk of opening a wormhole into another dimension. If a vacuum cleaner with the potential to defy space/time doesn’t impress, we don’t know what will. We bet Stephen Hawking has it on his list.

  • If Captain Janeway had one, Star Trek: Voyager wouldn’t have made it past the pilot episode
  • Great for cleaning up post-Christmas mess
  • Not actually capable of defying space/time

Raises £5 for your cause from Dyson

Four to watch out for

The new iPhone 5

We all know the team at Apple aren’t exactly coy about their product releases, but when you catch a whiff of the possible release date why resort to sleeping outside one of the high street stockists? It’s much warmer to camp at your computer, refreshing Apple’s online store in your browser all night…

The new Kindle Fire

It’s rumoured to have a larger screen than the first, and more importantly to actually be made available to technophiles in the UK.

Dyson DC44 vacuum cleaner

This has been voted a must-have gift for 2012 by Currys and PC World, but it’s not available yet. So we’ve given you details for the DC34 above, instead.

Nikon S13200 compact digital camera

If you’re thinking about getting a digital camera this Christmas, this is the one that’s been tipped to sell out. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

What gifts will be at the top of your list this Christmas? Tell us and we’ll investigate on the blog, as well as letting you know how much they raise for your cause.

Do you represent a charity? If you want your supporters to raise extra cash at Christmas through Give as you Live, we can create a bespoke festive campaign for you. Email for more details.