Coming back down to earth after Britmums Live

mummy barrow

A Guest post from Mummy Barrow, aka Tanya Barrow

Phew, well I think I am finally coming back down to earth after BritMums Live where Give as you Live were a gold sponsor. It was great to be able to talk to people face to face and really explain to them in detail just how simple it is to earn money for a charity with Give as you Live. I don’t think one person refused to sign a pledge card!

People were attracted first of all by the fabulous cup cakes (much needed after a lot of people had very little sleep on Friday night!) and as they ate them it was lovely to be able to chat about why I was so enthusiastic about being an Ambassador. This really is a product that sells itself.

“What, I can earn money for MacMillan whilst doing my weekly shop with Sainsbury’s online?”


“I might be able to get my local church £25 by arranging my car insurance online?”


That was pretty much what happened for half an hour on Saturday morning when it was my turn to do a Tweet up. I had loved asking my followers on Twitter to come and meet me and to collect a chocolate duck in exchange for a pledge card. In fact it was the only time I really got to meet lots of people I had been Tweeting for years! It is hard to find people to meet when you have no idea what they looked like and everybody who came to say hello was really impressed when they heard about Give as you Live.

It also gave me the opportunity to talk about why I am raising money for Victim Support, why I chose them and how in such a short space of time I am almost at £40.

Almost 90 people have now signed up via my pledge cards. If all those people raise £2 a month that is £180 a month for worthy causes. Or over £2,000 a year!!!

Why don’t you join up now and add to these figures?