Convert your sign-ups to shoppers in one simple step

Convert shoppersHere at Give as you Live, we love nothing more than seeing new people sign up to support their favourite cause. Firstly, it’s nice to see people sharing our enthusiasm for online fundraising through shopping, but secondly we know how important it is to good causes to have a new revenue stream, and one that doesn’t cost anyone anything.

More often that not a new sign-up shops straight away, either through the website, the mobile app or by installing the Shopping Bar, which is great, however some signups need a little extra encouragement and motivation to embrace the concept of shopping for good. For some the barrier is that Give as you Live seems too good to be true – “a free donation to my favourite cause? How can that be?” they think. For others, it’s that they need to be motivated by the cause they are supporting, which is where you come in.

Every month we communicate with our active shoppers and sign ups, encouraging them to shop more regularly or for the first time to raise money for your cause, but of all the emails they receive, the most successful ones are those sent from their chosen charity encouraging them to use Give as you Live.

So today, this week or this month, please find space in your communications schedule to email your sign-ups and encourage them to make their first purchase through Give as you Live.

We suggest a plain text of html email that:

  • Thanks them for signing up
  • Explains how important their support is to your cause
  • Explains how simple it is to shop through Give as you Live
  • Emphasises that it won’t cost them a penny extra.
  • References how everyone at your cause is using Give as you Live and how great it feels to know that every purchase you would have made anyway has raised money, without costing a penny extra.
  • Explains what your good cause is accomplishing with funds like those raised through Give as you Live.

These are just a few ideas. Some charities choose to set their supporters a target, “help us reach 1,000 shoppers”, or “help us raise £5,000 through Give as you Live”.

The possibilities are endless. Just think what a difference it will make if you can convert your sign ups to shoppers today? We promise you, it’s massive.

If you would like any support in the creation of this email, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or call us on 0800 883 8450.

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    Alan Morris

    27 January, 2014 at 09:26

    Please e-mail draft letter for our signatories. Many thanks Alan

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