Despite the Battery Cage Ban, millions of hens are still suffering. Help us abolish this cruelty with Give as you Live

Despite the Battery Cage Ban taking effect on 1st January, millions of hens across Europe are still living in illegal, inhumane and cramped conditions.

Compassion in World Farming have partnered with Give as you Live, allowing supporters like you and me to raise money for this essential campaign, without having to spend a penny more.

With Give as you Live thousands of leading brands have signed up to donate a percentage of everything you spend online – at no cost to you.

This means if you sign up to Give as you Live for Compassion in World Farming, every penny you spend online can help to save the lives of millions of hens across Europe.

Discover Give as you Live today and help us support the Battery Cage Ban: Thank you.

Kate Ford

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    17 May, 2012 at 17:39

    Come on!!!! are we living in the dark ages……put yourself in their position…not nice is it?????

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