How to detox this January

detoxFirst off, congratulations! You have nearly made it through the most depressing month of the year! A mash up of Christmas debt, horrible weather and that extra bit of weight you gained over the Christmas period all adds to this glum period.

Give your body a boost and bound into February with a healthy mind and body, ready to take on the rest of the year.

Here our top tips on how to detox this January, all items are from Give as you Live stores, so you’ll feel extra good because you’ll be raising money for charity too!



Get exercising! It’s no secret that a workout realises endorphins that make you feel super happy, along with the added benefit of burning off those Christmas calories! A full body workout is normally best – why not sign up to a spin class or boxcercise to get maximum benefit and kick start your routine!

The Gym Website sell discounted gym membership across the UK and donates 12.50% of your spend to your charity!

Drink green tea


Normally it’s only health addicts and herbalists that speak of green tea – but seriously, it’s good. It’s full of antioxidants that can help protect your body from cancer and heart disease. Not only that, but it’s been scientifically proven that it can make you smarter by improving your brain function AND rev up your metabolism, clever eh!

Twinings do some fab green teas that are flavoured with lemon and more exotic flavours to make it taste as delightful as the things it does for you! They’ll also donate up to 5% of your spend to your charity!

Avoid celeb diets

weight watchers

It may be tempting to try a celebrity diet with results in 2 weeks, but it’s no good for your body. Most fad diets deprive you of essential nutrients and you’re more likely to go back to your old habits and put the weight you lost back on!

Why not try losing weight steadily and safely with a Weight Watchers plan? Banish your bad eating habits for good and start a healthier lifestyle! Weight Watchers donate up £7.50 to charity, so it’s well worth losing those extra pounds!