Digital donor findings to be revealed at CHASE 2013

What’s happened to consumer giving recently? Are there fresh channels to be exploited to help drive charity revenue up? What kind of people currently give online – what do they look like? What makes them tick, and how can they be encouraged to give more? All will be revealed next Wednesday at London’s Business Design Centre (N1), where you can be among the first to hear the findings of our Digital Donor Review.

Nearly 8,000 people have taken part in the Digital Donor Review, making it the largest ever survey of those who give online.

Although we can’t reveal the full findings of the survey quite yet, we shared earlier in the year the six types of charity donor the survey has uncovered:

Six Charity Personas

  • Neil the young starter – Who gives via text message
  • Marie, in a comfortable family – A heavy online shopper, she uses Give as you Live
  • Industrial heartland Clive – Normally donates via traditional channels, but has donated via text and online sponsorship sites
  • Margaret, the affluent oldie – Donates mostly through Direct Debit or cash appeals but buys gifts and banks online
  • Rachel, from a squeezed middle-income family – Engages with select charities on Facebook
  • Jacqueline, the wealthy professional – Sponsors friends through online giving websites

If you’d like to know how many Maries and Margarets make up your donor base, you need to ask your donors to enter the Digital Donor Review before the end of this week (Friday 8th). If you do, you’ll get a custom report which shares all the findings, so you get off to a great start in 2013. Either way, we hope to see you at CHASE 2013 to hear the general findings. More details below:

Wednesday 13 February 2013
2.15pm – 3pm
Polly Gowers, OBE, Give as you Live

“What Donors Do Online?”
Give as you Live commissioned two major surveys in 2012 to investigate the behaviour patterns of supporters online and the impact on charities of digital donor contributions. As the founder and CEO of Everyclick Ltd., the company behind Give as you Live, Polly will share the findings of these reviews and the lessons learnt.

Take a look at the full CHASE 2013 timetable here.