Disappointed with the new iPhone? Getting one anyway? Make it worth the cost by buying it through Give as you Live

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you will have been aware that Apple had been building up to a new iPhone launch, which they did on the 4th of October. I was looking forward to the new look iPhone, so was pretty annoyed when they only updated the components on the inside. And yes, I’m well aware that’s fairly sad!

So what’s new in the iPhone? Well there were a few features worth noting:

• All new 8MP camera
• Dual-core graphics
• Two antennas (I don’t know how that works either…)
• The A5 processer (The fairly powerful one from the iPad 2!)
• Faster network speeds
• Siri – a voice controlled Assistant

All in all it was a fairly disappointing update. Apple fans took to Twitter and Facebook to share their anger and Apple stocks dipped by 2%.

The best thing about this Apple iPhone will be Siri, which, if early reviews are to be trusted, is years ahead of any other voice recognition software and would explain why Apple bought Siri for a reported $200m and will have been working on it for the 18 months since then.

Is it worth the cost? Probably not. Will I be getting one? Probably.

If you get one you could raise £15 for your charity through Give as you Live. Pre order yours now from Vodafone or it is also available in many different networks from Phones4U.