Dogs brush their teeth?

puppy eyes

I think ‘puppy dog eyes’ is what you call it. Just before this picture was taken, my friend Amy had turned up to stay at my house for the night. We were sat there with a glass of wine, having a catch up and the dog was being unusually quiet.

There of course was a reason for this. Helliwell had gone into Amy’s bag, taken her toothbrush and was quiet happily sat in his bed chewing it to pieces.

“He’s got my toothbrush” was blurted out by Amy, followed by a wild goose chase with the dog, which ended up with him winning, keeping the toothbrush and us going to Tesco to get another toothbrush (and more wine!).

The whole escapade reminded me that Helliwell needed some more doggy toothpaste, who’d of thought it, dogs brush their teeth too. I turned to the internet to start searching for some and ended up on Pet

I found some chicken flavoured dog toothpaste which was only £2.50, so bookmarked the site for when I need to get some more pet supplies. And guess what? Pet Supermarket is a Give as you Live store and donate 2.50%, so I’ll raise money for my charity when I make my order.

There are all sorts of pet stores like Pet Supermarket, Get Pet Supplies and that will donate a percentage of your spend, at no extra cost when you shop online with Give as you Live.

I’ve created a Pinterest board with some fun pet products you can buy with Give as you Live. Why not take a look?