Donation Icons – a new way to raise money for charity on your computer

At Give as you Live we love hearing of new, and more importantly free ways to raise money for charity by doing everyday things like using your computer.

We spotted on Twitter that Oxfam have recently launched Donation Icons, a brand new and innovative way to raise funds for your charity, simply by using your computer. You donate desktop icons which are turned into smart media spaces that brands can then advertise in. The keyword here being ‘smart’ meaning you won’t get spammed – the adverts you see will be relevant to you being determined by your location along with limited time promotions from global brands.

Once installed the smart icons update regularly throughout the day, however your user experience stays exactly the same – the ‘donation icons’ look the same as your normal desktop icons – should you choose to click on one, a donation will be made to Oxfam.

You’re able to track how much you raise, see what Oxfam are doing with the money you’ve raised and even be alerted about urgent appeals. With over 4 billion people using their computer every day, this completely new media space has life-changing potential.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments below…

Oxfam Donations Icons from RKCR/Y&R on Vimeo.