Don’t Get Cross — Get iOS 8

How frustrating is it to clear out half of your photos, get rid of your videos and uninstall Candy Crush, only to find that there is still no space on your iPhone to install Apple’s newest iOS 8 mobile operating system? There are a few things you can still try, however, to help you get hold of some of the space you need, or at least to understand why the installation is not working.


Will It Work? | Before you do anything else, check that iOS 8 will actually work with your phone. You will need to have an iPhone 4S or an even newer model. If you have an iPod Touch, it must be at the very least a fifth-generation model.

Check Available Space | Find out how much space you have available by clicking on ‘Settings’, then ‘General’ and finally ‘Usage’. If you have 4GB or more free, it is possible that you can do a direct download of iOS 8, straight to your iPad or iPhone. The exact amount of space needed will depend on your particular type of device.

Bin the Excess | Get even more ruthless with those holiday snaps and videos. Surely you don’t really need six photos of Aunty Ruth eating ice cream? Bin any old messages, music and apps. Do not forget to back up, however, via the Storage & Backup section in Settings and then iCloud.

Try This | If you still seem short of space try, using a 30 pin USB cable or a Lightning USB cable to plug in whichever device you have into your computer. Make sure you are running the newest version of iTunes and open it. Try clicking on your device icon and then choosing ‘Update’. This requires much less free space, so it is worth giving it a try.