Don’t Let the Weather Rain on Your Parade

With autumn and winter comes the inevitable rain, and it’s not the nice warm stuff that doesn’t hamper your outdoor activities. This is the icy, slicing torrents that can freeze the whole family to the bone in five minutes flat. But you can’t spend the next four months indoors, so what are you to do? Here are just a few suggestions for days out in Britain when the black clouds arrive.


The Beach | No, it’s probably not a good idea to don your bikini and set out your towel, but how about wriggling the whole family into wetsuits and heading into the sea? The suits are extremely affordable these days if you are not too worried about having a big brand name emblazoned across your chest, so there really is no excuse. Check out the full-length children’s wetsuits at Amazon that start at less than £16 apiece. It may sound crazy, but the sea is actually at its warmest at this time of the year. If it’s raining anyway, there’s certainly no need to worry about getting wet. Just make sure to stay safe.

Castles and Stately Homes | Britain is full of amazing stately homes and castles where you and your family can learn a thing or two and stay dry at the same time. Explore the grisly history of the Tower of London (, marvel at the sumptuous interior of Cardiff Castle ( or simply learn more about the local history on your own doorstep.

A Matinee Performance | Enjoy the unique experience of leaving a theatre or cinema in daylight after enjoying a matinee performance. These are great for giving children their first taste of the world of the stage or screen and are often much more affordable than a night-time show. Head for a pizza afterwards for a complete fun-filled family day out that you can enjoy as much as the kids.