Download the results of the Digital Giving Review 2012

At 2pm today we’re going to be at the IOF, launching the results of the Digital Giving Review.

Over 500 charities signed up to participate, sharing information about their audience sizes and frequency of their communications.

• Across all charities, online audiences are now as large as traditional offline audiences: 51% online, 49% offline

• In less than a decade, Facebook and Twitter audiences combined have grown to equal 35% of the overall charity audience

• Yet, despite this rapid growth, online channels represent only 30% of the overall income received, with 70% of charity income still generated through offline channels

Download the full survey results here and benchmark your success against 500+ UK charities.

However, like any good survey or story, we were left wanting more. In the autumn Give as you Live will be launching a donor survey, reaching out to thousands of donors, asking them questions around how they would like to be communicated with and how they would like to engage with their favourite causes.

You can help shape the questions we ask thousands of donors. We are collecting comments and questions that charities would like to ask. Please join the discussion and add your thoughts to the mix.

For your charity’s donors to be included in this survey so you can benchmark them against other charity’s donors please email

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