How Down’s Heart Group raise funds just by shopping online

torch bearerCharity name: 

Down’s Heart Group

Charity representative name:

Penny Green – Director

What Give as you Live resources do you use to promote it to your supporters?

Hand out cards at events, use the marketing resources links to post to Twitter and Facebook

Do you think other similar charities to yours would benefit from fundraising through Give as you Live?

Yes and I have suggested it to others but also when I post general posts about Give as you Live I say I hope people will use it to support DHG, but if not at least support someone.

How does Give as you Live work well for yourself on a personal level?

I don’t actually shop a lot online, but when I do I make sure I use Give as you Live if I possibly can.  I sometimes need to book travel and hotels for the charity and I always use sites that donate back and when we buy stationery or equipment it’s through Give as you Live companies whenever we can, which is nearly always as some of the biggest and best value websites are part of Give as you Live.  We are always looking to use funds as frugally as possible and it’s a bonus when you can do that and get a donation back – it’s like getting an extra discount!

Does it change your shopping habits in any way? 

I do spend a bit of time comparing offers and working out if by paying slightly more we get more back – sometimes paying just 50p more for an item means you get it from a company that donates 1% more.  On something costing £80 that means you’re actually 30p up, it’s not a lot but over time it all adds up.

How do you share Give as you Live with your friends and family?

Lots of them aren’t local (I’ve got a global network of friends in the Down’s Syndrome community) but they see my posts on Facebook.  I’m probably pretty boring, especially near Christmas when I start quoting figures about online spending on presents and how much could be raised for charity!  Mind you if people do try it, they are usually surprised at how easy it is and it’s nice to feel you’re “doing your bit” for charity.

Does using it on mobile and tablet work well for you?

We’ve only had a tablet a few months, but that’s fine, setting up Everyclick and Give as you Live was one of the first things I did.  I don’t use it on my mobile, but I don’t use that online other than on rare occasions – I’m a bit too old to cope with the small screen and buttons!

3 words to describe Give as you Live?

Simple, Supportive & Successful!

“I think Give as you Live and Everyclick are brilliant – it’s really easy to make a slight shift change to use Everyclick for all your online searching and downloading the shopping bar means you never forget to use Give as you Live when you shop online. They’re really good at providing materials to help you encourage and remind supporters to get involved and there’s always a friendly voice at the end of the phone if you need help with anything.” Penny Green

If you are from a similar charity and want to register for Give as you Live for free, please give the team a call on 0800 883 8450