Dualit Toasters you should definitely buy!

Kitchen appliance experts Dualit have been designing and manufacturing cutting edge gadgets since 1946. The company specialises in producing equipment that performs not only performs to a professional capability but that can be used in the home. Its toasters have become the industry gold standard thanks to its high levels of functionality and are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit any requirement.

Achieving perfect results every time is easy with Dualit’s state-of-the-art range of toasting functions. Wide slots allow the toasters to accommodate bread of a variety of different thicknesses while functions to warm and toast buns and bagels mean your Dualit toaster can be used for a range of different products. The defrost button means you can still enjoy delicious hot toast even when using bread taken directly from the freezer. Dualit has also developed an innovative ‘peek and pop’ feature which allows you to raise your slice to check on its progress without hampering the toasting process.

Dualit toasters are instantly recognisable thanks to their industrial-inspired design. The sleek curves, distinctive ridged sides and geometric designs ensure that these toasters are as stunning as they are functional. Many can be accessorised with bright side panels to complement the colour scheme of your kitchen decor. Each toaster is built by hand and marked with the assembler’s stamp on the base plate, your guarantee of the highest levels of attention, reliability and performance.

When you are looking for a toaster with high levels of functionality, plenty of useful features and a stylish appearance, one of Dualit’s models is sure to suit your home.

So which are the best-selling Dualit toasters?

Dualit 40352 Vario 4-Slice Toaster (Stainless Steel)


If you’re looking for a stylish toaster that makes the perfect slice every time, then look no further than the Dualit 40352 Vario 4-Slice Toaster in stainless steel. This modern and stylish-looking appliance is also extremely durable and will fit into any kitchen.

When you buy the Dualit Vario toaster, you won’t just want to use it to toast a humble slice of bread. With the extra-wide 28mm slots there’s no end to the products you can cook: from crumpets and muffins to bagels and pancakes. There’s even an extra sandwich cage you can purchase, allowing you to create a tasty toasted sandwich in minutes. Compare Prices >>

Dualit 47355 Origins® 4-Slice Toaster (Teal)


The Origins toaster is based on their original model, but has been redesigned for the 21st century. It provides sophistication and timeless features, with the little extras that make a modern kitchen simpler.

The ProHeat elements are unique to Dualit. The filament is covered by an armour plated protective layer, which makes it virtually impossible to break.

Origins toasters can be used for a range of items, with 28mm wide slots. The four slots make breakfast quicker and easier, but if you only want a couple of slices you can simply select those you need. A manual ejector allows you to control how brown your toast is and thanks to the high lift feature, there’s no need to burn your fingers removing smaller slices. The crumb tray discreetly collects any mess and can easily be removed and cleaned. Compare Prices >>

Dualit 46205 Lite 4-Slice Toaster (Black)


The Dualit 46205 Lite 4-slice toaster in black makes for a perfect addition to a contemporary themed kitchen. In a high gloss finish, it is both stylish and attractive, but also offers a superb range of features to meet a wide range of toasting needs. Ideal for singles or families, the toaster is practical and easy to become acquainted with, making it your best friend in the kitchen.

One of the most outstanding features of the Dualit 46205 Lite 4-slice toaster is its new Peek and Pop function. This enables you to check your bread while it is toasting, without having to stop the toasting process. This much-favoured feature ensures your toast is browned to perfection. Compare Prices >>

Dualit 60144 Vario 6-Slice Toaster (Stainless Steel)


Toasting options are endless with the Dualit 60144 Vario 6-Slice. You can choose to use up to six slots — ideal for busy family breakfasts. As well as controlling how brown you want your toast, you can operate an ejector lever that allows you to keep your toast warm without it popping up. For toasting chunky sandwiches, the extra-wide 28mm slot with adjustable inner wire guard is just the job. Simple to operate, easy to clean and incredibly functional, the Vario 6-Slice also boasts handy features such as a removable crumb tray, an adjustable rear foot and a high lift mechanism which makes removing small and fiddly items easy. Compare Prices >>

Dualit 31211 2+1 Combi 3-Slice Toaster (Mint Green)


This Dualit 2+1 toaster gives you complete control over your breakfast. It features three slots with multiple switches, depending how many slices of bread you want to toast, and a stylish design with a subtle mint green colour scheme. It is made in Britain, and represents the quality and reliability for which the Dualit brand is famous.

You can activate just one slot, two of them, or all three so no energy is wasted if you only want to make one or two slices. Once the toast is ready, the element turns off but the bread isn’t ejected until you say so. That way, your toast stays warm if you aren’t able to grab it right away. Compare Prices >>

Dualit 20246 Vario 2-Slice Toaster (Red)


This Dualit Vario Toaster is simple, stylish and (most importantly of all) it makes fantastic toast whether for breakfast or a sustaining snack. It boasts even cooking and a range of extremely practical extras. It also happens to be a very attractive, well-designed appliance with a fashionable look that will seem at home in almost any kitchen.

It also boasts a manual ejector system instead of the usual spring-loaded type. This means that toast doesn’t pop up violently as soon as it’s done, but stays warm until you choose to remove it. Compare Prices >>

Dualit 26526 Architect 2-Slice Toaster (Grey)


Dualit have been developing kitchen appliances since 1946, designing toasters that give professional results in the home. The Architect has a range of features to ensure you get perfect toast every time. The extra-wide 36mm slots can effortlessly accommodate bread in a range of thicknesses, whilst the defrost option is invaluable if you need to toast bread straight from the freezer.

You can toast or warm other products with the bun and bagel feature. You can also use the handy ‘peek and pop’ function to check how your toast is doing without having to stop the toasting process. Compare Prices >>