Dyson Humidifier Is Latest Beauty Gadget

If you’re thinking about boosting your skincare regime, Dyson probably wouldn’t be the first name that springs to mind. You want to make your skin glow not suck off your face, don’t you?

Well, maybe Dyson can actually help you to revamp your skin. The company claims its new humidifier will combat dehydrated, dry and irritated skin. It’s also supposed to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but it won’t get rid of the crumbs after lunch (although it does promise to help with irritating allergies).


It’s just gone on sale at John Lewis, and already the beauty editors are raving about this new piece of Korean-inspired beauty tech. Mr Dyson must be breathing a sigh of relief, given that the humidifier cost no less than £37.5 million to develop. Add to that the man hours and the sheer volume of paperwork (the development has seen 275 patents go in and there are another 130 pending), and you get the impression that this is no mini-diversion by the vacuum-cleaning giant.

Unfortunately, the Dyson Humidifier does have a price tag as high as its efficiency levels. At £499.95 a pop, it’s anything but cheap. And although it can control the climate in an average room in just half hour, you might want it to decorate, do the vacuuming and look after the kids at the same time to justify the price.

If you do have the cash to spare, however, it really does sound as if it could have a positive effect. Even the Skin Health Alliance is backing the benefits and has issued a white paper focussing on skin health and the effects of home humidity. The only problem is: how long do most of us spend at home these days? Your boss isn’t likely to appreciate your taking a sickie just because your skin is feeling unwell and needs some TLC at home.

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