Enjoy Easter with milk-free eggs from Hotel Chocolat

milk-free gooseWe had a tasty treat delivered to the office this week from Give as you Live retailer Hotel Chocolat, lucky us! However, this was no ordinary chocolate – it was milk-free chocolate…

We know, it sounds crazy, milk-free ‘milk’ chocolate? But it’s actually a much needed product – think of all the dairy intolerant sufferers that can’t enjoy Easter eggs this time of year, or even milk chocolate all year round! We couldn’t imagine a life without chocolate and neither could innovators Hotel Chocolat.

“Milk-Free Milk”, a smooth and indulgent chocolate made using almond milk rather than dairy. Milk-Free Milk has all the pleasure of milk chocolate, minus the dairy. 56% of pure cocoa combines with the finest Sicilian almond creaminess to create a decadent chocolate with a flavour that lingers on.

Containing just 24% sugar, Milk-Free Milk is also a high cocoa, low sugar option, meaning that it takes just a small portion to satisfy a chocolate craving.

And we can vouch for that, Management Account Helen says:

“An intense, rich, chocolate hit, with that slight bite you’re after in the dark stuff. Texture was mostly smooth and (oddly) creamy although there was a very slight granularity if you left it on the tongue for a while. Usually I choose milk chocolate, but I would happily swap for this stuff.”

And more bluntly, Office Administrator Tom said “Like chocolate, but without the milk.”

Attempting to make the perfect alternative to dairy milk chocolate was a tough challenge. The chocolate needed to deliver on taste, quality and texture, whilst being non-dairy. Almonds are naturally sweet and creamy and proved to be the perfect partner. The nutty flavour gives a subtle background sweetness
associated with roasted caramel, nuts, figs and raisins with an olive undertow.

Steff, Communications Manager couldn’t get enough of the milk-free milk puddles that came with the Goose Egg:

“Delicious! Tastes just like chocolate should – smooth, creamy and yet no milk! Genius!”


    Hotel Chocolat Milk-Free Milk is an innovative new genre of milk chocolate – the perfect non-dairy alternative with a set of outstanding nutritional benefits:
  • A delicious non-dairy alternative
  • Contains no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or ingredients
  • Packed with powerful Cocoa Fuel for your body, rather than empty sugar calories
  • Delivers on flavour, texture and quality
  • Has a high cocoa content, meaning you’ll be satisfied with less

“If you appreciate good dark chocolate you’ll love this!”Chris, Web Designer

We tasted the Milk-free goose egg, £10.00 and Milk-free scrambled egg, £15.00, both available from Hotel Chocolat.

Why not try the milk-free range for yourself or surprise a loved one this Easter? Use the code below to save 10% on your order and remember to shop via Give as you Live to raise a free donation for your chosen charity too!

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