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The Essential Gadgets You Need to Meet Your 2018 Fitness Goals

Ready to get fit, healthy and well in 2018? Then it's time to hit January with your new exercise regime. Whether you love trail running, yoga, swimming or Crossfit, you'll find a whole world of fitness waiting for you, with a vast array of classes and practices to help you find the approach that suits you best.

A Fitness Tracker

One of the easiest ways to get fit is to commit to walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Invest in a fitness tracker and you'll have an inbuilt pedometer as well as your own personal tracker for your vital statistics and daily activity. Track your calories burned, heart rate, sleep patterns and other essentials to see your progress and assess any development areas. Fitbit sells a range of trackers to suit all needs and budgets, with fashion bands that help your tracker to look like urban jewellery.

Train at Home with Functional Kit

Prefer to exercise solo at home? No problem at all. You can train flexibly and without the cost of a gym by investing in a few home fitness essentials. Try some dumbbells, fitness bands or a kettlebell, which won't take up lots of storage space but which will allow you to train hard whilst strengthening your muscles. A yoga mat is another great comfort investment for when you train. Find a great range of fitness essentials at Argos.


Supportive footwear is essential for your new health resolutions, so make sure you invest in a quality pair that cradle your feet and protect your joints from injury. A cross-trainer is a great choice if you are likely to do a range of activities, but you can also buy specific trainers that are designed for certain sports. Measure your feet in the afternoon to find the right size for you. JD Sports has a huge range of trainers for men, women and kids - so why not invest in the right footwear for all the family and start working out together? Find your perfect pair at JD Sports.


When you start to train, you need to eat adequate protein in order to support your muscle repair and growth. From whey protein through to hemp, there is a huge market for protein supplements which can be taken as powders, bars or other types of meal replacement. MyProtein offers excellent products at good prices, and all with buyer reviews to help you to choose.


If you're training hard and sleeping well, it makes sense to round off your new health regime with vitamin supplements and other natural herbal remedies which help you to get the best for your wellbeing efforts. Boots has a huge range which can support everything from women's health through to athletic recovery.

A Sports Bag

Don't forget to buy a stylish sports bag for all your new kit and trainers. Today's sports bags are genuine fashion accessories in their own right, and you'll find some wonderfully stylish options that will take you from the gym to your work meetings. This luxe gym bag by Sweaty Betty may be an investment buy, but it looks wonderfully stylish, with plenty of compartments and room to carry your yoga mat.

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