Is Facebook the best place to recruit shoppers?

We all know that Facebook and Twitter are a great place to engage your supporters, but have you thought about using your captive social audience for a Give as you Live recruitment drive?

Earlier this month, The Great North Air Ambulance did just that. One week they promoted Give as you Live to their Facebook fans resulting in dozens of new shoppers, a week or so later they used the Facebook posts from their weekly marketing resources to promote the Give as you Live Travel campaign and what happened? More sign ups, lots of holiday purchases and a spike in donations.

Facebook works! So please make the most of the free resources we provide and see if you can recruit more shoppers today. If you’re not subscribed to the marketing resources and would like to sign up, please email 

Success story: Great North Air Ambulance 

Step 1: Recruitment Drive

Air Ambulance Facebook

Step 2: Travel promotion
Air Ambulance 2