Fat or Fit?

Fat or Fit?

Last weekend the weather was so hot and after trying on my favourite denim shorts from last year, I was traumatised to discover that in order to do the button up I had to stop breathing.

I’m only just 5ft tall and have always been quite petite so buying new shorts in a BIGGER size was a no-no… I decided it was time to start my healthy eating and getting fit.

I love to dance and I learnt Street Dancing from the age of 11 up until the age of 18. It was a really fun way to stay slim, but recently I haven’t been able to fit any classes into my hectic week. I bought this Step Up Dance Workout DVD online the other day, and have started doing it once a week. Now I can now do a fun workout at home, in front of the TV in my living room, and at any time that suits me.

I have also started running regularly, I heard it was a good way to lose weight. My initial aim was to run three times a week, most weeks I have been twice. But I’m determined to keep this up, my shorts are crying out to me that its summer and they want to be worn.

Before my new fitness regime kicked off I decided it was time for some new trainers. My old ones were about 6 years old and were completely wrecked from walking the dog through muddy fields. I found some great running shoes at SportsShoes.

Being the shopaholic that I am, I couldn’t bear to have brand new running shoes and old gym clothes, so I visited JD Sports for running clothes and new dance gear. I got so carried away that I even downloaded The Workout Mix 2011 from iTunes to motivate me whilst out running.

All the retailers mentioned are signed up with Give as you Live, so buying all these products through the App allowed me to raise an extra £5.38 for Cancer Research UK.

My lack of Race for Life sponsors doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore, I’ve found a new way to boost the funds I have raised. And I’ll be wearing those shorts again in no time.