February Sowing and Growing

If you made a resolution to live the Good Life this year, February is a great time to get planting. There are lots of tasty things that you can sow and grow in greenhouses or on windowsills, and others that can go outside under cloches or even straight into the ground.


Get your asparagus pea seeds sown under cover ready to be planted out around late spring, and pop some aubergine seeds in some compost ready for indoor crops during the summer. Grow-you-own basil will thrive on your windowsills, just ready to be popped in your pasta sauces and salads, and you can start sowing brassicas such as summer cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Calabrese Aquiles and All the Year Round Cauliflower under cover.

Lathom Self Blanching Celery is ideal for early sowing, and you can make a start with your tomato and cucumber plant sowing – just make sure you keep them warm. Leeks take ages to grow, so start sowing them under cover now, and sweet peppers are a tasty treat that will be fine as long as you keep them warm.

If the ground isn’t waterlogged or frozen, you can start work outside by putting in some blackberries, raspberry canes and a range of fruit bushes, including gooseberries, blackcurrants, whitecurrants and redcurrants. Rhubarb crowns are easy growers, and bare-root strawberry plants should do well from now. Beetroot can go under cloches, along with spinach, salad leaves and radishes.