Five Neutral Lipsticks for Spring

Are you ready to go nude this spring? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out in your birthday suit to look great this season. All you have to do is to sweep on lashings of neutral lipstick to complement your new-found glow. Nude lipsticks are great for day or night. They are the perfect complement to a dash of mascara during the day and won’t detract from smoky party eyes once playtime comes around. They are so versatile you won’t need to fill your make-up bag with lots of different tubes, either, meaning you can afford to spend a little more on buying one that will really make the most of your pout. Here are five great lipsticks that may cost a little more than average but will return your investment by creating luscious lips to be proud of. There are those that will add a subtle shine and others to offer all-day colour guaranteed. Make your choice and feel fresh-faced and proud as you spring towards the summer sun.


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Empreinte has a smooth finish that hydrates and plumps up your lips whilst still retaining that natural look. It’s not so pale that you end up looking drawn and tired, but its soft colour makes it ideal for adding tone without taking the attention away from dramatic eyes or making you look like you have tried that little bit too hard. Another really versatile option is the Dior Addict Lipstick in Nude. Its soft warm colour makes it the perfect choice no matter what your skin tone, and its formula will leave your lips feeling beautifully kissable long into the night. This is one lipstick that you will want to keep in your make-up kit no matter what the next fashion demands.

Laura Mercier’s Rouge Nouveau Weightless Creme Lipstick in Play is so light and breathable that you may forget you’re wearing it, but your soft and shiny lips will show that you have undoubtedly made the effort. Burberry’s Beauty Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick in Copper sounds good enough to eat (and you probably will try some during the day), whilst Sisley Paris’ Long-Lasting Hydrating Lipstick L32 will always be a classic choice. With Sisley, you can be assured that no amount of kissing will ever leave your lips bare and not looking their best. It originates from France, after all – the home of the most passionate kiss.