Five Strange Reasons Why Planes Had to Abort Their Flights


Most of us couldn’t help but smile at the news this week that a British Airways flight between London Heathrow and Dubai had to be sent back because someone did a ‘smelly poo’, although you probably wouldn’t have been grinning too much if you were affected by the toilet stench or had the start of your trip delayed by the unplanned return to base. These people can take heart, however, that it is far from the first time that a plane has had to abandon its journey because of strange incidents.

In 2014, a toilet supposedly posed another problem on a Virgin Australia plane travelling between Los Angeles and Sydney. One passenger said that they found themselves sitting beside human waste, although the airline denied that this had happened and said that the problem was actually caused by a sink. Also last year, Korean Air chief executive’s daughter Cho Hyun-ah forced a plane to return to New York because she didn’t like the way her macadamias were served. Now that is nuts, and Hyun-ah learned the hard way that mid-air tantrums won’t be tolerated whoever you are – she was convicted of obstructing safety on board the plane.

In 2011, French acting star Gerard Depardieu urinated in front of passengers, causing a plane bound for Dublin to return to its stand. A delay of two hours probably left a few fellow travellers wanting to bop him on that famous large nose. There was an argument also on an American Airline flight between Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago in 2012, when a stewardess started to pick a fight with the pilot over the tannoy, forcing the plane to abort its take-off plans and the passengers to get physical with the crew member.