How food banks are fundraising through Give as you Live

Food Bank

Charity name:
The Trussell Trust

Charity representative name:
Molly Hodson & Hannah McMullen

How do you promote Give as you Live to your supporters?
The weekly Marketing Resources are incredibly helpful and make the process of getting the message out to supporters even speedier. We love using the prepared tweets as they’re timely and already meet the all-important 140 character limit! We use graphics provided by Give as you Live on social media too – the visuals are engaging and we’ve noticed increased interaction from followers who tend not to engage with other fundraising posts.

Do you think other food banks would benefit from using Give as you Live to fundraise?
The need for emergency food in the UK keeps growing, so anything that helps foodbanks to raise much-needed funding is a good thing! Give as you live is great because your supporters can raise funds for you at no extra cost to them – and we know it makes our supporters feel good to know what when they’re buying online they’re also helping out their favourite charity.

“Give As You Live is a brilliant concept that we’d love to see used much more widely. It’s one of those ‘everyone’s a winner’ ideas that makes everyone feel good. From a charity perspective, the graphics are appealing which makes them great for sharing on social media, especially as visuals are such an important element in posts on social media and drive more engagement.
It is a popular ‘fundraising’ tool and we find that Give as you Live social media posts generate more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ than many other fundraising asks… Plus, the Give as you Live team are so friendly and helpful. Give as you Live is a really easy tool to use and generates income without having to do a direct financial ‘ask’ to your supporters.” – Molly Hodson

If you are from a food bank and want to register for Give as you Live for free, please give the team a call on 0800 883 8450