Fundraising is dead, long live fundraising

We’re now on the final day of the IoF National Convention and it’s been a great three days. We’ve met loads of new faces at our stand and hopefully these will turn into Give as you Live users. We are also thankful to our keynote speaker, Mike Rowlands, who flew over from Canada especially for the event.

As our previous posts detail, Mike gave an inspiring talk yesterday, discussing the different ways that UK charities can revolutionise fundraising. The room was packed.

The speech focused on ways we can solve complex problems—significant and thorny issues such as global climate change, the Arab Morning and urban decline and poverty. New practices in inter-organisational collaboration, uniting NGOs, special interests, government and industry, are enabling charities to play to their strengths. The emergence and strengthening of the social enterprises sector in North America is another vital trend. Strategies and structures that take direct and indirect approaches to their missions are both thriving, and Mike talked about two in particular that are thriving in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside—an urban community that happens to be the poorest postal code in Canada. In addition, Mike advised charities to move past their nervousness about the openness and transparency that dominate discussions of social media, and instead to seize the advantages of the sometimes counterintuitive opportunities. In an ad hoc session after the speech, Mike suggested that “fundraising as we knew it is dead,” and that the arrival of seasoned business leaders in the social sector, along with the dynamic opportunities of technology and the need to face significant ‘complex problems’ is driving a period of unprecedented transformation for the sector. Valuable topics, indeed.

One Twitter user went as far to say:

I came for the doughnuts. I left feeling inspired, moved & reinvigorated to make the world a better place. #iofnc #mikeknows

Thanks to everyone who attended Mike’s speech and for anyone who missed it we’ve posted it on YouTube, so please feel free to take a look.

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