Get in a Flap over Penguins

If you enjoyed the Madagascar films, you’ll love Penguins of Madagascar, which is at cinemas right now.

When we were originally introduced to the likes of Marty the Lion and Gloria the hippo, the penguins were in the supporting crew, but not any more. As they say in the publicity for the movie, super spy teams are hatched, and that’s why the penguins are very much the stars of this show.

Will Private, Rico, Kowalski and Skipper, led by the aptly name Agent Classified, be able to prevent Dr Octavius Brine, the most villainous of villains, from destroying the planet? It’s probably fairly safe to bet your last can of tuna on the fact that they will, but just because you think you know the ending, don’t miss out on a real fun fest for the whole family.

The beauty of these films is that they are almost as much fun for adults as they are for kids. There are certainly plenty of jokes to keep you amused. When it comes to the merchandise, however, it is the kids who will be getting themselves in a flap over owning their very own Kowalski. If your little ones are already making a splash about wanting Penguins of Madagascar toys and accessories, here are a few ideas.

Wii U Penguins of Madagascar | If the kids are getting a Wii U for Christmas, or they’re lucky enough to have one already, make Penguins of Madagascar one of the first games you buy. Fans of the film will love taking on evil octopus Dr Brine and making Rico blow things up. There are puzzles to solve and lots of covert missions to enjoy. Just make sure you have the will power to hand over the console to the kids from time to time. For those without a Wii U, the game is also available in a Nintendo 3ds version.

Penguins Of Madagascar Plush Toys | Your kids can head off to an adventure-filled dreamland snuggling their very own Penguin of Madagascar. An 11-inch super-soft Plush toy is the perfect bedtime companion, and the kids can choose which character they want to own. After a good night’s sleep, they can take their toy, or whole collection if you like, on lots of secret missions, providing hours of fun and plenty of chances to use their imaginations.

Smiffys Penguin Boy Costume All in One with Hood | We know what you’re thinking: do they do these in adult size? The answer is yes, so that’s your New Year’s Eve costume sorted.