Get the Osbourne Look – If You Dare

Kelly Osbourne is just like her dad. No, she doesn’t look much like him, but she does share Ozzy’s penchant for shock tactics.
She’s long been known for her outrageous hairstyles, but her latest offering might just be one to watch.
It’s certainly not one for the faint-hearted, but the safety-pin accessories are actually quite cool, and who says lilac hair is only for the blue-rinse brigade?
There’s no doubt that it’s a look that will get you noticed, but it’s maybe not one that would go down too well in your teaching job or out for lunch with your nan. Instead, how about faking it with a luscious lilac wig? Hair pieces such as this provide the perfect weekend transformation. You can let your hair down, quite literally. In fact, you can even take it off.
If lilac’s not your colour but you still want to go bold, try out a hot pink glamour wig or a bright blue hair piece that no granny would dare to wear. Mind you, it might make you look more Katy Perry than Kelly Osbourne. Is that a bad thing? You decide.
If you really want to look all Osbourne-inspired, by all means shave around the sides of your head if you want to, but for a toned-down version all you have to do is get braiding. It’s probably easiest to secure the bottom of each plait with a band and pin in place before adding some safety pins for effect. Just be careful of where you prod them before you get them fastened up.
If that all sounds a little too painful, there are some funky statement hair accessories on the market right now that would work just as well and aren’t as likely to draw blood while you’re putting them in. You could come over all vintage with some decorative Kirby grips in girly swirly styles or add some bling with a set of diamante slides or some seriously slick rhinestone clips.
Complete the Kelly look with a pair of statement silver earrings. A pair of silver chain drop earrings from John Richard’s Mood collection would be just the job, or what about getting really feisty with a pair of spike and chain earrings from Swesky? This is some ear-fashion that Kelly would be proud to wear.