“Support a good cause through giveasyoulive.com” – The Times

mmDid you spot us in The Times this week?

The article discusses about how technology is changing the way we support charities and we couldn’t agree more!

As technology advances, it’s becoming easier and easier to donate to charity- sometimes not even costing the donor a penny.

Times are certainly changing within the charity sector as for the first time charities can reach a younger generation due to the increase in online fundraising platforms and technologies.

From being asked to support friends taking part in fundraising events on Facebook, sending a quick text to donate a £1 to using technology that allows them to raise funds in their everyday online activity, giving will soon become second nature to a previously appathetic younger generation.

“You can even support a good cause while booking a holiday or updating your wardrobe through giveasyoulive.com — and it will not cost you a thing.” – The Times

This is great news for the charity sector, as what these advances in online fundraising means, are that we are essentially creating a generation that are already engaged and used to donating to charity- without them even realising it.

Read more about how technology is simplifying giving to charity and what it means for the sector in this article in The Times ‘It’s easy to give, even for wombles’.