Getting Fit & Giving to Marie Curie Cancer Care, featuring Nike

get fit

Now the winters here there isn’t much to do, I don’t want to venture out in the rain, snow, sleet or cold. However I can’t just stay at home, I have too much energy, once everything is cleaned I just twiddle my thumbs and wish I had a real fire I could lie in front of, but I don’t- weep.

Therefore I have made myself a goal this winter, it’s basically to become really fit. So instead of sitting inside wishing I had a real fire, I will be at the gym, sweating and working towards an awesome summer body- think Halle Berry.

I go to the gym every week anyway, but I am literally determined to become a ‘gym bunny’- I’m talking every day, drinking protein shakes and eating a mega healthy diet. With my new found status of a ‘gym bunny’, I will of course need suitable attire.

get fit 2 Nike Tight Fit Cotton Capri Pants
nike top Nike Xtra Point Tank Vest
nike top2 Nike Shape Bra

If I were to buy all the above from JD Sports through Give as you Live, I would raise £2.16 for my charity. Unfortunately with Christmas coming up I can’t afford a whole new gym outfit, so I’m going to add it to my Christmas wish list in my account instead.

I can however afford my supplements; Discount Supplements give up to 3.75% to your charity when you shop with Give as you Live, so by buying my cod liver oil, multi vitamins and protein from there I’ve raised £1.13 for Marie Curie Cancer Care, not bad for a few tablets.

All rates are correct as of publish