Getting kitted out for a run could raise £3.80

The running season is well and truly upon as. As your supporters sign up to run for you, you can help them raise money every time they buy a new pair of trainers or replace their running kit with “Run for good”.

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We all know that training for a 10k run or a marathon is hard work. Hours spent in training pounding the pavement, but did you know that in training for a marathon a typical runner actually covers 880 miles and goes through at least two pairs of trainers? In fact, all the kit a runner needs to train for a marathon could raise £3.80 for your charity – at no extra cost.

Help your supporters turn their running kit into additional funds for your charity with “Run for good”.

In your support kit you’ll find emails, banners, buttons and even the infographic above to help share “Run for good” with your supporters.