Gifts to celebrate St Georges Day

Did you know that traditional customs on St Georges Day were to fly the St George’s flag and wear a red rose in one’s lapel.

As it’s St Georges Day we thought we’d celebrate a few things that make England great!

We’re the tea loving, cheese eating, queue-waiting country, that’s bursting with history, so we’ve chosen some fun products from Give as you Live retailers that showcase this.

Admittedly some of the products do feature the Union Jack- which combines aspects of three national flags: the red cross of Saint George, the red saltire of Saint Patrick’s Flag, and the Flag of Scotland.

puddings teabags cushion marmite rose london cheese

Great British Puddings, The Book People, £4.99

Apple crumble, Victoria sponge, jam tart, bread and butter pudding, my mouth is watering just writing this. Cook up a British pud and raise funds for your charity, at no extra cost with Give as you Live.

Union Jack English Breakfast Tin 50 Teabags, Whittards of Chelsea, £8.00

There is nothing that cannot be sorted out with a good cup of tea, this breakfast tea is ‘just our cup of tea’ and would go down nicely with some marmalade on toast, mm.

John Lewis Hampton Union Jack Cushion, John Lewis, £28.00

Bring a vintage feel to your home with this Union Jack cushion and show you’re proud to be British.

Marmite Vintage Jar, Marmite Shop , £11.00

You know what they say, you either love it or you hate it. I personally love it, especially with cheese! This vintage jar is a cute addition to a marmite lover’s kitchen.

Single Red Rose,, £14.50

Nothing is more English than a rose, they look great pressed and framed. You can find a tutorial here- how to press a rose.

‘Visit London’ Vintage Style Print,, £15

A vintage style bill board poster print shouting about why you should visit London, the famous capital of England. An ideal piece of artwork for any home with an authentic vintage appeal. A perfect City Lover piece!

The English Cheese Selection Box, Pong Cheese, £42.00

England is arguably one of the finest cheese-producing countries on earth. This box features our famous exports Cheddar, Stilton along with some creamy goat’s cheese. The perfect gift for cheese lovers everywhere!